Concerned, Many Collections Kars Museum Damaged By Flood

Concerned, Many Collections Kars Museum Damaged By FloodThe water was flowing so fast, then spread to various directions. Kars Museum of Indonesia participated entered. Understandably, the ground floor (1st floor) of the museum is located rather low. The employees of the museum, unable to save the collection because the water came so quickly and suddenly. That's the picture I get from youtube impressions.

Floods hit the Museum of Kars Indonesia on 28 November 2017 ago due to tropical cyclone Cempaka. The height of the flood within the museum reaches 1.5 meters. Due to flooding, many museum collections are damaged and thus require special handling. Luckily, some of the museum employees escaped to the 2nd floor.

Concerned, the water into the area through the river with a very large debit. Though the river at the location is not too big. Water overflows to flood the park around the river or the north side of the museum whose position in the lower plains. As soon as the report I received.

The case in Kars Indonesia Museum located in Wonogiri is a valuable lesson for museum organizers and organizers. The arrival of the disaster is difficult to assume. The magnitude of the impact of the disaster also we do not know. For that certainly need the readiness of safety equipment and building security. Even tactical funding or whatever it is called for just in case of the safety of the collection.

As I recall, the Kars Museum of Indonesia is under the management of the Geological Museum and Geological Agency. Or under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. May there be concern from the parent institution. I hope there is also help from other museums as solidarity.

Biggest and most unique

Kars Indonesia Museum was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 30 June 2009. In 2013 I visited the museum.

Museum Kars Indonesia touted as the largest and most unique museums in Indonesia, even Southeast Asia. Kars (karst) is a term from Yugoslavia which refers to a region consisting of soluble rocks, such as limestone.

Kars Indonesia Museum has an area of ??24.60 hectares. It's amazing compared to most museums. The area is surrounded by several cave sites and luweng for public tours. Some of the names I remember were Gua Tembus, Gilap Cave, Potro-Bunder Cave, Mrica Cave, and Sonya Ruri Cave. For adventure tourism, which used is Sodong Cave and Luweng Sapen Cave.


The museum building looks elegant. Inside there is a lobby, props, and function room. Living room is on the ground floor (1st floor) and 2nd floor. The multipurpose room can function as a movie / theater screen or auditorium room.The 2nd floor visual room themed "Kars for Science" features a poster panel and a number of collections. The panels describe the distribution and shape of kars in the world, the process of limestone, the process of topography of kars, limiting minerals (calcite and dolomite), and the type and distribution of kars in Indonesia.

The ground floor (floor 1) themed room "Kars for Life". In the room is also displayed poster panel and a number of collections. The material on conservation and management of kars area, various values ??of kars area, past and present socio-cultural conditions, diversity of flora and fauna in kars region, and water and land in kars region.

In this room there is also a model that describes the main types of kars in Indonesia, the formation of kars, and replica cave kars. One of the museum's collections is a dwarf human replica, a reconstruction of skull fossils and the Homo floresiensis skeleton found in the Liang Bua Cave, NTT. Some of the information panels have lights and televisions, which will light up when a visitor presses a button.

The top floor of the 3rd floor is a multipurpose room. Usually this space is used as a meeting room, presentation, and film screenings.

Kars Indonesia Museum is located in Gebangharjo Village, Pracimantoro District, Wonogiri Regency, Central Java. In 2013 I used a rental car. When it was still difficult public transport. Hopefully more and more years, the local government provides a means to the needs of visitors.

Kars Museum Indonesia is open Monday — Thursday at 08.30 — 15:30 pm. So is Saturday — Sunday. Unlike most museums, on national holidays and on Friday, the Kars Museum of Indonesia is closed.

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