Confusing PLN Ads

Confusing PLN Ads

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[/ caption] When viewing these 2 ads I am a person who understands a bit about electricity is confused by 2 pieces of advertisement from PLN which I think is very confusing and a little provocative and also contrary to each other, so as the most disadvantaged consumers. The number one advertisement is a good advertisement and teaches us to behave frugally in using electricity so that it supports PLN's on-going power crisis program, and also teaches consumers to be wise to use electricity especially for low-income users. But in the second picture with greater power then we will be more confused why when PLN is hit by power crisis, but they invite all consumers to compete – race to raise the power if free while he said. As the knowledge in electricity payment needs to be known together for the consumers the more power we order by PLN, the greater the cost we also spend as an example of the use of 450 W with 900 W with the same number of usage kwh monthly calculation for which 900 Watt will be more big than the 450 W data I got from PLN website alone see the cost of block I for power 450 w and 900 w is different not the price of the rate, let alone the 1300 W.

So if we feel enough for the power do not add power to the PLN so that we will not gain weight even though the power we use one month is the same, the wise use is when we want to turn something big then we must turn off unnecessary and also the most it is important to start now using all the energy-saving electronic tools and it turns out to be very influential in my house, although do not have to change it all gradually one by one if there is the rest of the household bugdet, and it is proven by itself if we use the tools that are energy efficient then power which we need also less.

What is very unfortunate to me is PLN as the state electricity does not educate it to the consumers instead they advise and advertise on the street that immediately increase free while it is misleading this ad to the community or PLN itself.

Imagine if the ad is really realized with the number of registrants to raise the power then PLN will increasingly have the responsibility of procurement power to consumers that must be greater, and in terms of consumers, consumers are increasingly unaware for the use of energy-efficient appliance, why must be energy efficient lah wong power at home buuuuesaaaarr hahahahahahahha.

Sorry if my opinion is considered a provocation that discredit PLN but as a consumer I just ask for information by PLN as a provider how should we be a good consumer in energy conservation not make us confused on one side we have to save on the other side offered to raise power by iming iming free.

START FROM NOW WE HAVE TO SAVE FOR CHILDREN OUR US And if anyone can explain better my opinion this will be better notice for other PLN consumer.

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