Connecting People to Nature Became World Environment Day Theme

Connecting People to Nature Became World Environment Day Theme

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Not until tomorrow on June 5, it means time for the Environment to commemorate World Environment Day. As an ASN of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry RI (KLHK-RI), currently dinahkodai Siti Nurbaya Bakar (MenLHK) feel proud and touched because Environment is still getting attention from the Government. Where nayak of us unconsciously is part of the Environment precisely does not maintain the cleanliness and sustainability of Environment and Forest. Right on June 5 is a tribute to the Universe. The theme of the World Environment Day 2017 or World Environment Day 2017 celebration of "Connecting People To Nature" or in its free translation can be interpreted as Dealing with Nature.

With the theme Connecting People to Nature, we are reminded how every citizen in the world depends on nature. With this theme we are also expected to find ways to attract and appreciate the relationship between humans and nature. Everyone can answer the call to connect with nature, recognize, enjoy the beauty and natural wealth around it.

Canada is designated as the host of the World Environment Day 2017 celebration. The theme of the day environment itself invites us all to re-think that humans are part of the universe. Human life is very dependent on nature, this certainly provides an opportunity for humans to find the right solution how to align human needs with environmental sustainability. So many human needs are available in nature such as Oxygen, Water, Food sources, Natural resources, and so forth. However, lately there has been so much destruction in the wild on behalf of the necessities of life such as transforming water catchment areas into residential compounds, killing animals for sale, torture of wildlife, garbage disposal and waste in water bodies.

Related tageline Connecting People to Nature is the theme of World Environment Day 2017, Indonesia became one of the region with a very spectacular landscape. Located right on the equator, it has a warm tropical climate that gives rise to very high biodiversity, even the highest in the world. Flora and wildlife are diverse.

The main purpose of this Environmental Day is not merely ceremonial, but real action. Every society is expected to participate in managing the environment, to show participation in supporting the theme of the environment day 2017 does not have to follow ceremonial, this can be done in small scope of family and daily action. For example, do not litter, commit to picking up trash if you find it in a public place, use electricity wisely, turn off unused electrical equipment. Planting trees in the yard, using water wisely, making absorbing wells. Eat as needed (consume with care).

Not burning forests, not killing wildlife (except animals that are for consumption purposes), not buying wildlife. Use paper wisely, print back and forth or use waste paper, do not throw waste away at random. Reforestation for less productive lands, a few small examples as a form of participation in supporting World Environment Day 2017.

Makassar, June 4, 2017.

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