Contractions In Early Pregnancy, Here’s The Examination

Contractions In Early Pregnancy, Here's The ExaminationContractions are an occurrence where women feel tense and abdominal pain during pregnancy. You need to understand that in case of contractions in pregnancy, you know how to cope. Contractions can occur in pregnant women throughout pregnancy, but keep in mind that the contractions can be normal contractions and also contractions that need to be aware of. Now the contractions in early pregnancy can you know whether it is normal or a contraction that need to watch out, he explained:

Contraction Is Reasonable, If:

Occurs occasionally and the frequency is rare. The contracting uterus indicates that the oxytocin receptor is the hormone responsible for stimulating uterine contractions during labor. When the receptor is formed, the mother's uterus is aroused.

The duration of contraction is about 10 seconds and does not last long.

Does not cause pain / pain.

An example of a reasonable contraction in early pregnancy is a contraction that occurs after many moms walk or do any work. Contractions arise because the womb is aroused due to fatigue.

Contractions to Look Out for:

Frequency or duration of contraction 1-2 minutes. This can be a sign of something that is pathological.


Infection experienced by the mother. This infection will release the hormone prostaglandin which can cause fever and stimulate contractions

The presence of a disturbance in the fetus, such as a chromosomal disorder, the body will signal that the fetus is not in good condition.To know more definite causes of contractions because of pathological problems would have to be examined further by the doctor. The doctor will see and count, how often the mother contracts. To determine whether or not the problem in the fetus can be done blood test. If there is a problem, such as cervical incompetence or the mother's uterus is not strong enough to hold the fetus it will be strengthened by using drugs or surgery.

Consider some knowledge of contractions at the beginning of pregnancy, may be useful to all of you.

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