Cool, this artist grows trees that produce 40 kinds of fruit

Cool, this artist grows trees that produce 40 kinds of fruitStem cuttings are a commonly used cultivation technique, especially if we want to bring together two varieties of plants. For example, tomato stems are distek with potatoes. In this way, farmers can get tomatoes and potato tubers from one plant.

But the artist from New York is adopting the technique of cuttings or grafting to create a 'work' crazy, a tree capable of producing 40 types of fruit.

Reported by Oddity Central, Sam Van Aken has developed a tree producing this type of fruit since 2008. He toured the various regions to find fruit plants that have started to rare, then cultivate it with cuttings.

Art lecturer at Syracuse University, Pennsylvania has been familiar with cuttings since childhood. He has always been impressed with the cultivation technique. As an adult he also uses the 'miracle' cuttings to create the great work that he always dreamed of.

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Photo source: Sam Van Aken

Although he has mastered the technique of cuttings, he still often fails in connecting stems of fruit plants. It took years before the technique was perfect. And every rod connected to the parent tree should be monitored periodically.

Photo source: Sam Van Aken

"When I first tried, I connected the branches so that each variety bloomed in different times, I had a tree that bloomed entirely on one side, but the other side looked dying, from which I created the time frame of the blossoming of all intertwined varieties so basically I can design how the tree will grow, "he said.

Photo source: Sam Van Aken

Until the year 2015, Van Aken managed to grow 21 trees. Some of them have changed hands. Some are brought to New York, Portland, and some even stored in the museum.Also read:
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