Copenhagen Accord Accepted As Unbinding Decision

Copenhagen Accord Accepted As Unbinding Decision

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The 15th Climate Change Summit (COP) finally accepted the Copenhagen Accord as an appendix to a conference decision or a non-binding decision.

"COP decided on a draft decision that took note and attached the Copenhagen Accord, and mentioned countries that initiate and support," Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said after attending a plenary session of COP at Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, on Saturday afternoon.

Until this news is revealed, the COP Plenary session is still ongoing or extended from what should have ended on Friday (18/12), but the Foreign Minister must immediately return to the country.

Marty explained that the decision did not reach a legally binding agreement but only a decision which was the weakest result in a multilateral conference.

"The take note decision is the result of the weakest conference," he said.

However, Marty sees the positive side of the COP's decision to be a political framework for the next step to reach a legally binding decision by mid-2010 or at the 15th COP by the end of 2010.

The Appendix of the COP's decision on the Copenhagen Accord, he added, explains the countries that initiated and supported the Copenhagen agreement.

Marty explained that in the decision of the 15th COP states the participating countries will immediately implement the decision, which will later be billed for implementation by the participating countries.

The draft decision of the COP is better than the "Bali Action Plan" as a result of the 13th COP 2007, which has mentioned the number of handling climate change impacts should be able to withstand global temperatures below two degrees centigrade by 2020 and the amount of funding sources up to US $ 100 billion in 2020 for handling the impacts of climate change.

26 countries

The Copenhagen Accord is a draft decision discussed and formulated by the 26 participating countries at the invitation of the Danish Prime Minister as President of the 15th COP on Friday (18/12) afternoon until evening.Marty said the 26 countries presented various groups of participating countries such as developed countries, developing countries, small island states and underdeveloped countries.

The 26 countries are Ethiopian, Sudan, Algeria, Lesotho, Grenada, Bangladesh, Maldives, Colombia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Sweden, UK, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Russia, Australia, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Gabon, and Papua New Guinea.

Danish PM invited the 25 countries to meet discussing Copenhagen Denmark, after starting Friday (18/12) morning, conference at COP deadlocked because many countries that remain in their respective positions. (ant / roc)

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