Corruption Impacts in Indonesia

Corruption Impacts in Indonesia

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1. The impact of corruption on the economy

Most importantly, the development of the public sectors becomes disrupted, the funds from the government that almost all in use for the benefit of the people such as public facilities are not all in use some of the funds in the dark.

In terms of investment, with the existence of corruption cases in the government, investors will not be interested to invest in Indonesia this will lead to high levels of unemployment and low welfare

2. The impact of corruption on the environment

The practice of corruption causes the natural resources in this country to become more out of control, massive exploitation without taking into account the environmental carrying capacity causes the deterioration of severe environmental conditions even in some places has exceeded the limit, causing ecological disasters that impact on the weak ability of citizens in meet basic needs. Mining exploitation, undisturbed forest and correct processes are permitted without the introduction of EIA and other prior requirements, all of this possible because of bribes and bribes for licensors. The results are also not entered into the state treasury because it is in use to pay "quota" officials.

3. Impact of corruption on defense and security

a. Violence in society is getting stronger

b. Weak state border

c. The weakening of alusista and human resources

4. The impact of corruption on politics

a. The strengthening of the political system controlled by the owners of capitalb. Higher political costs

c. Many leaders are corrupt

d. Public trust to missing state institutions

e. The loss of public confidence in democracy

d. People's sovereignty is destroyed

5. The impact of corruption on the law

a. Weakening of law enforcement agencies

b. Destructive moral law enforcement

c. Loss of public trust in legal institutions

d. Increasing the marginalization of the small community in the eyes of the law

e. Law enforcement is uneven in society

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