Corruption in the Forestry Sector (Personal Experience)

Corruption in the Forestry Sector (Personal Experience)Not long ago the KPK released the results of a study on the potential for corruption in various sectors. This is actually a subtle way KPK to warn related agencies. One of the sectors highlighted is forestry, where it is stated that there are 17 potentials of corruption. This shows that there is a 'wrong' in forestry sector management.

I was reminded of the experience of dialogue with my father, a Perhutani retiree with the last position of Resort Head of the Forest Police (KRPH), or a layman often calling it a Mantri Hutan, or Mantri only. Above Mantri there is Sinder (the official term is actually Asper), and on it again there is Ajun. Mantri's task is to maintain the security of the forests which are the areas of responsibility. My dad almost spent his entire career as a Mantri, whereas many of his friends took office, at least so Sinder. Much of the experience, of course, and I was fortunate that I often got stories from my dad about his experience, which can somewhat be attributed to the above "potential corruption".

One of them is the problem of wood theft. While still active, my father often told me, that if you say "steal", it is true that the villagers around the forest stole. Due to the fact they are taking timber in Perhutani's forests. But my father strongly believed that the villagers would not spend the forest. They had made a house, furniture (bed, table-chairs, cupboards, etc.) yes, no more wood stealing. At best they go to the forest looking for firewood, and various forest products (not wood) to sell.

"What's that forest for?" ask me. That's him .. As a Forest Mantri, fathers often meet with trucks carrying stolen timber in the region. Some of them even escorted (person) apparatus. Although both hold the weapon (note: Forest Mantri have a service pistol), Mantri still ngeper also if met (person) soldiers. The big-time thieves turned out to be on the order, or at least: to my father's knowledge. Dad was helpless, and had to get the trucks out. At best father would know, what his boss really was ..

It happens systematically and many times .. Anyone who saw it, including villagers who are often chased for stealing 1-2 teak logs, will 'hurt' .. So do not be surprised, when "reform", many people around forests that define the meaning of "reforms" as arbitrarily as they are, to unilaterally cleave the forest.

Another story. Once, the father was transferred to a city. The father's duty in the area is to oversee timber sales companies, since there is no forest in the area.

In order to supervise, the father holds an iron stamp (layman's term: thok) to mark timber sold by Perhutani (not stolen). If there is no thok, it means dark wood, aka stolen and the seller will be charged. On the side, being so experienced, Dad could identify his 'darkness' of wood just by looking at his physical features. Father said, the official wood must be dry, while dark wood rather wet.

One day, my father was confused, finding the wood that my dad was sure was dark wood (stolen), but there was his official thok / cap. Father reports to the boss (Sinder), because the thok holds only two people: my father and Sinder. Answer: "Oh, yeah, sir, this time it's a fake thok." Father knows, but does not stop searching, until then find the fact that Mr. Sinder was the one who menged-stolen stolen timber ..

Once, when I was in college, my father asked me: "You do not want to go to the Faculty of Forestry?". I replied: "No, what is the forest of Perhutani?" After the forest, continue if the forest is damaged for reforestation project, keep the project corrupted again .. "I replied ketus .. Understandably, still 'young blood' at that time ..

Hearing the answer, Dad just smiled, not angry ..

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