Create Asappp Suckers !!

Create Asappp Suckers !!Eat may pause or may not even need to eat for 1 to 2 days, but stop eating for a certain time span will not cause a person to die suddenly.

But other problems with breathing. Try to stop breathing for about 3 minutes, we will have big problems. Most people will die if not breathing for 5 minutes. So, breathing is something that we can not stop the process for a relatively long time or we are temporarily resting on the grounds of tired breathing.

Breathing is a mechanism for incorporating oxygen into the body system and membering our body's fuel cells to keep on living. This system is designed to work unceasingly during our lifetime. And oxygen is the only purpose this system exists in our body, the sole target for the lungs to continue to work throughout life.

The main engine of the respiratory system is the lungs. Protected by the fence in the form of a series of ribs, the lungs are behind the chest and serve as the main pump of this system. the channel is called the windpipe, which begins with the outermost part of the respiratory system, the nose, which acts as a suction funnel. The nose is part of the main respiratory system, while there are other parts of our body that can "breathe" with different mechanisms, such as the skin with its pore system.

The lungs as the only pump for the respiratory system are the most important organs for life. So important, the lungs are designed so that they can operate to suck air for at least 120 years. As an essential part of the organ, the lungs include large enough organs and almost fill our chest cavities. paru2 is an organ with a very large Spare Part, almost 80% of its own size is a backup device. And according to research, humans are able to live normally just by relying on 20% of all the lung size2._

Unfortunately, so many people do not realize the importance of the lungs for their lives. Many people use these vital organs for other purposes that are obviously useless and even very dangerous because they can damage the main engine of breathing.

Some people use lungs and respiratory systems not to suck oxygen from clean air, but to smoke tobacco-burning smoke, cloves, and other harmful psychotropic substances that need not be denied are toxins that damage the lungs.

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