Create You Who Want Refreshing, Lodging Fun with Nuance Nature Around Bandung This Could Be Recommendation

Create You WhoThe urban atmosphere that makes crowded, of course, make your days feel heavy and dump. Sometimes there are times when you want to rest and also take a vacation from the city. One of the cities that you can visit to eliminate fatigue is Bandung. Maybe some people do not agree with this city, but do not look from the side of Bandungnya every day solid, but from the outskirts of Bandung which has a tourist spot and also a unique hotel in the vicinity. Here are some inns with various facilities in the area around Bandung tour that can be used for refreshing from your daily routine.

1. Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort

Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort is a place located in Garut, about two hours from Bandung. This place offers a very pretty place and a pleasant experience. Enjoying the natural scenery and breathing fresh air certainly makes the body more relaxed and calm. A variety of lodging cabins are connected to an artificial lake area with one center ie restaurant area. Here, visitors can also paddle and relax. The building is designed like a rustic Sundanese style that makes us feel the comfort of the village.

2. Trizara Resorts

For those of you who enjoy a holiday in an outdoor area with camping facilities, this one resort could be an option. Room booth provided wrapped with the formation of camping tent. But the facilities are in it is very complete, ranging from a comfortable bed to a clean bathroom was there. The location is located in the area of ??Lembang, of course not far from the center of Bandung, which is about 45 minutes. Not only presents the formation of rooms with tent designs, but there are also outdoor facilities for playing and sports such as bicycles and archery areas.

3. Legok Kondang Lodge

Not much different from the concept of the previous lodging, with the concept of "glamping" is a camping glamor, Legok Kondang Lodge presents a room with a tent formation so you and your family can feel camping in the middle of the wild, but get the facilities class hotel. Inside the tent there is a comfortable bed, entertainment facilities such as television and eccentric bathrooms. In this place is more focused on the activities of children and families, so that children learn more closely to know nature. There is an activity facility for adults such as extreme activities such as tracking, rafting, and paintball. If night falls, the bonfire atmosphere can be obtained by visitors at this inn.

4. Kampung Sampireun Resort & Spa

Kampung Sampireun arguably become an interesting resort style Sundanese village. The reason, this place is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. The room booths are lakefront shacks built from bamboo with coconut leaves. Breakfast is also presented uniquely by bringing typical Sundanese snacks using canoes and stop at your residence hut.

5. Danau Dariza Resort Hotel

Each cottage on the edge of this lake is a residential area directly adjacent to the artificial lake. Visitors can play water when down the stairs that are in the lodge. The design of the cottage also has an interesting formation, because not all have the same design. It can be seen from the roof form, the roof of traditional houses in Indonesia. We can see the design of Gadang house (Minangkabau), Kasepuhan (Sunda), Balau Batak Toba (Batak), and also Rumah Sao Ato Mosa Lakitana (NTT). Uniquely, the formation of this traditional house combined with swimming pool facilities that can be practically modern designed so that there is a mixture of culture in this place.6. Graphic Cikole

If the previous lodging is identical with the element of water, well for this one is suitable for you who like to camp in the open area of ??the forest. The cottage in this pine forest area is designed to look like a dwarf house with a dwarf statue in front of it. The area is also equipped with exciting activities for vacation such as horseback riding, flying fox, traditional games and many other things. The location of this inn is in the village of Cikole, Lembang.

7. Vila Air Natural Resort

Who does not know Tangkuban Perahu mountain? Yep, it turns out in the valley between the mountain Tangkuban Perahu and Mount Burangrang, there is a comfortable place of relaxation that is Vila Water. A very suitable place to eliminate the allotment of crowded urban areas. Villa with six room capacity room is suitable for a place to relax with family or friends. Each villa is designed with a private terrace with greenery that makes the air more fresh. Plus the scenery in this area spelled out beautiful and spectacular.

8. Glamping Lakeside Rancabali

Well, the uniqueness of this one lodging is the concept of a sailboat. Inspired by the ship Pinisi which is a traditional ship, the place is located in South Bandung is fairly selling well because keseruannya. Indeed, Pinisi ship is a restaurant but not far from the phenomenal restaurant there is a place that is hits inn, namely Glamping Lakeside Rancabali.

Tents with complete and luxurious facilities located on the edge of Situ Patenggang are crystal clear and also charming. The shape of the tent was very unique, even the mattress was designed with a unique ornament of the ship. Guests staying at this place of course also has access to various tourist areas such as kebuh tea, paintball, white crater tour, and various other tours.


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