Creatonotos Gangis, This Lho Seram Insects That Make People Fear

Creatonotos Gangis, This

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Often we encounter strange things that are unexpected. Even lately there are many animals found unusual in the middle of community settlements. Not without reason, the emergence of these animals could have been caused by their increasingly eroded habitat, or even because of foodstuffs and food chain imbalances.

As recently happened, Kebumen residents were shocked by the discovery of an unusual insect. Even because the shape is similar to a baphomet pentagram that is often a symbol of the devil, this insect is touted as an insect from hell. Apparently this species is already recorded insects lho, not as mysterious as many people think, only this type of insect is less familiar. Let's discuss this insect with Hipwee News and Feature!

Initially a Kebumen waganet found this insect, capturing the photo and recording it and then uploaded to social media

A Kebumen citizen named Gandik accidentally discovered a strange insect whose unfamiliar appearance. The animal looks like a butterfly, has wings and a small body, but has a strange body back. There are four curved parts that resemble a tail covered with fine hairs. Launched by the Coils, Gandik confessed that he knows the animal is a species of creatonotos gangis often referred to as moths. Unexpectedly, the upload is viral and invites horror to the warganet

These uploads even commented on the citizens of various countries. Someone had time to explain about this species of insect

Many citizens are horrified by the appearance of these animals. Not only in Indonesia, it turns out these insects are also less familiar in various countries. Evidenced by the many comments warganet from various parts of the world that respond to uploads Gandik. When thousands of people make a fuss about this horrible insect and come from hell, one of the warganet even commented to try to explain what kind of species is being debated.

Everyone is going crazy about this one. Actual name is Creatonotos Gangis. Those weird looking hairy fingers are called coremata, its scent organs. They produce pheromones to attract mates. Renato Romero.

Renato Romero tried to explain that the species of insect is a Creatonotos Gangis that has a hairy finger called coremata that serves to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Quoted from Lazerhorse, this type of species has a living habitat in Southeast Asia, including China, India, Japan, Thailand, to Australia. Because of the habitat that spreads to Australia, it is not impossible if the spread to Indonesia.

Grateful we can still see the unique insects here. In other parts of the world like Germany, insect apocalypse is happening

Launched by Vice, there is a study that found that the number of insects in Germany is reduced by 76%. This amount is a very drastic decline. Even 82% of this decline occurs in the summer, where it should fly and get out of its nest. Unfortunately the view was no longer visible.

Maybe we think simple, ah just insects really! But have you ever imagined that the extinction of insects can also be fatal to human life? The destruction of insects can damage the ecosystem and disrupt the food chain. Insects are food for other larger animals, if their food supply is reduced, insectivorous animals are also threatened with starvation and extinction. On the other hand insects also help pollinate plants naturally, organic plants, flowers to fruits will no longer be naturally pollinated if the insects are extinct.Instead of horrified to see the appearance of demon insects in Kebumen. We should be grateful that this rare species can still be seen in Indonesia. Which means the population of insects in Indonesia is still safe. Although you often feel disturbed about the presence of insects, such as cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, but be thankful with the animals are ecosystems and food chains are still balanced.

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