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Critical Care Tarakan

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Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo inaugurated the Critical Care Center building at Tarakan General Hospital (RSUD) Tarakan, Central Jakarta. The inauguration of the Critical Care Center building, later as a way to improve the quality of health services for residents of Jakarta. If you have Gakin card, Jakarta people can get free treatment here.

"So, by saying Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, officially started the service of Tarakan Hospital," said Fauzi Bowo, while at Tarakan Hospital, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (24/4).

The governor, who is familiarly called Foke, also said that in the building has provided services for people who need Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Intencive Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU) for intensive heart care. There is also a Neonatus Intensive Care Unit for infant care, Paereatrie Care Unit for child-intensive care and a High Care Unit for supervised care.

Meanwhile, Head of DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office, Dien Emmawati, said Jakarta residents desperately need ICU and ICCU places.

"Therefore, the construction of this building is very important and urgent," he added.

Dien continued, all citizens of Jakarta both economically weak and capable groups, can take advantage of services provided by the Provincial Government of DKI.

"I guarantee that poor people who seek treatment at Critical Care Center will not be charged any fees by using gakin card, they are entitled to get the best health service from DKI Provincial Government," Dien concluded.

Dien explained that many ICU and ICCU facilities in Jakarta are not cheap. According to him, today's private-run hospitals have very less beds for ICU and ICCU facilities, as the private sector focuses more on inpatient services.

"Therefore, the government has an obligation to provide more facilities to provide citizens services, especially for the underprivileged," explained Dien. [ian]

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