CSR bank bjb focus on health, environment, and education

CSR bank bjb

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Corporate Responsibility is one form of corporate concern to support the development around the community in various sectors.

This is also done by the Regional Development Bank of West Java and Banten Tbk or bank bjb. Banks whose majority share is still held by local governments in West Java and Banten, throughout 2017 this channeled hundreds of funds Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program or Corporate Responsibility to support the development of Indonesia.

CSR bank bjb is given for three main areas namely, education, health, and environment. Some CSR bank bjb programs that have been implemented in the field of education include the development of classrooms, scholarships, computer assistance, to school supplies. In health, among others, free medication and the provision of ambulance cars. In the environment of tree planting program (greening) or reforestation.

It confirms that bank bjb present as national change agent according to tagline Build Indonesia Understanding Affairs.

Other CSR programs that are conducted routinely every year are bjb Green School and Entrepreneurship bjb. Of course the application of the program is not merely brand but also integrated with the company's business.

For the realization of the green school bjb program, the bank bjb cooperates with Universitas Padjadjaran in developing biodigester technology on waste management in school.

So that waste can be managed to be a source of energy from lighting systems and school gas. Now bjb bank has cooperated with dozens of schools spread in West Java and Banten.

Meanwhile, for entrepreneurship program bank bjb has been routinely held since 2014. The program is filled by skill training in five business areas one of them shaved hair and graphic design.

Up to now, bank bjb has given birth to five generations consisting of 80 new entrepreneurs in each generation. For then bank bjb provide capital according to the type of business related.

For now, bank bjb is working on Kampung bjb program that will accommodate Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM). Keep in mind if microcredit becomes the third pillar of the bank bjb business. It needs to be improved so that bank bjb can develop the economic potential of the related regions.

"We are looking for entrepreneurial candidates and then fostered and taken, because the problem of simple entrepreneurs is about money management," said Senior Vice President of Corporate Secretary Division bjb Hakim Putratama. [hrs]

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