CU Love Prosperous Do Reforestation

CU Love Prosperous Do Reforestation

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Citizen6, Atambua: A number of staff, supervisors, administrators and members of Credit Union (CU) Kasih Sejahtera Atambua are doing reforestation around the Embung area and Haekrit water filtration house. This greening was attended by 250 delegates from four places of service (TP) of CU Kasih Sejahtera namely Atambua as the center, and three other ministries namely Wini, Kefamenanu and Betun.

Around 2000 tree seeds consisting of white teak, sengon and mahogany trees were planted around the area of ??Embung Haekrit. This embankment was built by Belu Regency Government as a place to irrigate the rice field and plantation area around it, because this area is a supplier area of ??vegetable needs to Atambua and surrounding area.

In addition to embung, there is also a water filtration house built by the local government that is located adjacent to the embung ready to be distributed to residents of Atambua and surrounding cities. Embung this as a source of life for the farmers around it considering the presence of this embung the farmers around the abundance of water.

This activity is one of a series of activities to welcome the Annual Members Meeting (RAT) CU Kasih Sejahtera, which will be held on 24 February 2012.

"CU Kasih Sejahtera not only takes care of the money but more than that is taking care of life, the members are encouraged to care for the social environment and the natural environment around us We choose Haekrit land because this area has big enough potential for people especially agriculture. We want to maintain the existing water source by planting anakan that is said by alumnus of SMP Soe School of 1993, "said Kristoforus Eduk, Manager of CU Kasih Sejahtera.

It is expected that saplings of trees that have been planted are able to green the area of ??Haekrit embungs, so that in the dry season the water debit in this embung is maintained, so it can irrigate the rice fields and plantations that exist around the embung. In addition, this embung can also be used as a place of recreation of people around the city of Atambua.

CU Kasih Sejahtera Atambua, which began attending the Diocese of Atambua from 8 June 2007, became a cooperative of the ummah who helped the Atambua diocese's economy through its savings such as Vini savings, Sufa Savings and Lopo deposits.

To date, CU Kasih Sejahtera has four TPs namely TP Wini, Kefamenanu, Betun and Atambua as the center of CU Kasih Sejahtera, with assets reaching Rp128 billion more.

The cooperative has 10,736 members not only from Atambua and Kefamenanu but also from Soe, Kupang, Flores and even to neighboring Timor Leste. (Sender: Pongky Seran)

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