Cuilan-Cuilan Heaven in Komodo National Park You Can not Miss During Your Life!

Cuilan-Cuilan Heaven in

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If you admit as a lover of the streets, you must already know the exotic and beautiful panorama of Komodo Island. Yup, Komodo National Park area located in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara is indeed one of the top tourist destinations in Indonesia.

This tourist destination is so dream and dream for local and foreign tourists because of the beauty of the landscape is fascinating and still virgin. Komodo National Park presents a variety of incredible natural attractions, ranging from beaches, islands, nature reserves, to wildlife sanctuary.

About the beach, do not ask again. Beaches and islands that exist in the Komodo National Park area is very clean from the trash, beautiful, and also fascinating. If you have plans for a holiday to Komodo National Park super cool and cool, then no doubt, I will share a little story about beauty of this island here!

Obliged to set foot Komodo National Park. Challenge your adrenaline to see the original habitat of ancient animals of Indonesian pride.

Set foot to the island of Komodo, surely you have to go to the most legendary and worldwide. Yup, Komodo National Park (Komodo National Park).

Komodo National Park itself consists of 3 main islands Rinca Island, Komodo, and Padar, as well as several other small islands. In 2011, the Komodo National Park area received the attributes as The Real Wonder of The World and New 7 Wonder of Nature in 2012.

When visiting here, what else if not to witness the ancient animals of Indonesian pride? Kalu been here, the loss if it does not feel brave to meet the Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis). Not only komodo, Komodo National Park visitors can see deer timor, wild boar, and wild buffalo and various species of birds. Deer timor, wild boar and wild buffalo is a food for Komodo dragons.

You should be careful when in Komodo National Park, because the dragons come at any time so there needs to be mentoring from the guide Komodo National Park, commonly called the ranger. For girls who are coming months, must report to the ranger. If menstruation is a lot, you must be willing to not mengijakkan foot to this island, karen sense of smell Komodo is very sensitive to blood.

Because the white sand beaches there are hundreds in Indonesia, then you should take the time to enjoy the beautiful Pink Pink Pink Beach!

Clear sea water and combined with blue sky and white sand may have become a common sight when visiting the beach. Eits, but this one beach is different! What about the beauty of the beach that presents a stretch of pink sand beach? This is Pink Beach, a pink sand beach in Komodo National Park.

Pink Beach has been crowned to be one of the nominations of seven natural wonders in the world. The beautiful and soft pink will be noticeable especially when the sand is swept away by the waves. Waahhh pink it you know, really amazing!Local people call this beach as Red Beach, but the foreign tourists call this beach Pink Beach. According to local people, the pink sand is derived from red coral fragments that are dead and are often found around the coast. Besides enjoying the beautiful coastal beaches, you can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater is interesting to dive.

Pink Beach underwater park there are various types of fish, hundreds of types of coral reefs, and various types of other marine life just complete deh! In this world, pink sandy beaches there are 7, and one of them in our beloved country!

Namo Beach is also not less beautiful. In addition to pink as well, this beach is not too crowded and feels like a private beach.

Namo Beach name is not as popular as Pink Beach, but the panorama of the beach may be pitted. Just like Pink Beach, this beach also has pink sand. This beach is located on Namo Island, Komodo National Park area. The beach is clean and clear sea water can also be used for snorkeling or diving.

Underwater beauty is also not less beautiful with Pink Beach. According to information from local residents, this beach is still rarely visited by local and foreign tourists. So, this place is perfect for you who like the beauty of the beach is still virgin and not many visitors.

From the island of Padar, you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape of Komodo National Park from above.

Padar Island is the third largest after Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Yes, reasonable if you are less familiar with this island because it is not as famous name Komodo Island. Even so, the beauty of the landscape is not less beautiful and beautiful with both islands. Around Pulau Padar there are 3 4 small islands that have their own beauty and uniqueness.

You can enjoy the scenery and uniqueness of the islands from above by climbing the hill on the island of Padar. Blue sky, sea, clear water, beaches and clean air, and away from pollution can hypnotize everyone who visits the island of Padar.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Padar Island ldengan way more impressive, you must do trekking first approximately 30 minutes. Trekking through forests and bushes, sea, and beautiful hills is guaranteed to make your traveling experience unforgettable.

Although the trekking to the highest hill feels very tiring, but it all paid off with panorama hills and scenery is very beautiful, and the beauty of other small islands are so fascinating. You definitely want to linger on the hill to be able to enjoy and feel the peace of nature.

These are interesting places of interest in Komodo National Park that I have visited. There are still many other islands to visit as well. If you plan to explore the beauty of the paradise of the world in Komodo National Park, these places are worth trying. Do not forget to continue to maintain the cleanliness and sustainability of nature!Mainstay image credit:

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