Curhatan About Animals Protected for Maintenance

Curhatan About Animals Protected for Maintenance

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[/ caption] Jakarta, February 27, 2016

Talking about animals or fauna that is still a choice every society when faced with the desire to care for flora or fauna? Indeed there are more serious choose to treat the flora there are also seriud treating fauna and not infrequently also choose to care for both the flora and fauna.

However, in this article I will discuss more about fauna or animals. Actually on this occasion I prefer to spill something that is still a confusion for me also may be the animal hobbyist out there, because in raising pets we are faced with two choices between tame animals and exotic animals (a bit wild / savage). Not infrequently there are very loving and fond of these exotic animals to be maintained and become friends in the home as animals that are really tame and harmless.

But sometimes the penghobi is also faced with the problem of protected and unprotected animals, Maybe if for the type of animals that are not protected is not a problem for the maintenance but sometimes there are also those who maintain protected animals to be maintained even until preserved and made decoration at home . Indeed for protected animals we are faced with two clear rules based on Law no. 5/1990 and PP No.7 / 1999 which clearly gives the rules about protected animals.

[/ caption] The rules are made with the consideration that the animal population belonging to protected animals has begun to follow and decreases. In addition to these regulations, there are also refers to the conservation status of the Wildlife on International Trade in Entrepreneurs Species (CITES) as well as the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

For (IUCN) itself issued the term Extinct (EX) = Extinct in the Wild (EW) = Extinct endangered (CR) = Critical, Endangered (EN) = In danger, Vulnerable (VU) = Vulnerability, Near Threatened (NT) = Near threatened, Least Concern (LC) = Low risk, Data Deficient (DD) = Lack of data, Not Evaluated (NE) = Not evaluated. These terms will we encounter if we open a page about animals in science sites.

While based on CITES provide explanation of animals by grouping into Appendix I, Appendix II and Apendix III different explanation and different species species. But back to the protected animals there is a way to be able to keep the animals classified as protected by the rules that have been determined by the relevant agencies. with the broodstock must be from animals that already have a breeding permit.

From here I began to feel the weirdness and the funny that I take the example I really like the bird species prerdator very interesting for me nursing is the type of eagle, But without exception all types of eagles are protected if I want to keep the eagle I have to find the breeding results from a shed with a captive breeding license. But in Indonesia this has ever been published about the eagle breeding official so I can have the bird officially.

I got a phone number of protected bird breeding in Jakarta I try to contact but I can not to come to the location of captivity in other words how the community can help breed protected animals if conditions like this. If only the animal lovers in each community is given or entrusted a pair of protected animals to be breed under supervision with a note to be released if the adult child of the breeding results may be endangered animals may increase the population in the hands of animal lovers who really sincere love animals . (tatang.s)

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