Cyber Help Me!

Cyber Help Me!

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Today, is an age where technology is developing very fast, of course cyber also included in the element of the technology. Can not be elected, nowadays, the 'slave' cyber more and more, especially in the youth class, lane its use is growing and very sharp. Then what is the impact of this cyber development on Indonesia itself?

When viewed from the current phenomenon, Indonesia is in a condition, namely a demographic bonus. Demographic bonus itself is a condition where the number of productive age is more than the age of young or old. This is clearly very beneficial for Indonesia, both economically and politically. If viewed in terms of its own economy, clearly Indonesia is very profitable because Indonesia will have a very abundant human resources.

If viewed from a political point of view? This is a gamble for Indonesia itself, why? Due to the abundance of new voters, it will obviously become a boomerang for Indonesian politics, if it is utilized by the responsible political person. This leads to the condition of youth of Indonesia to two choices, namely a political activist or political slave?

Why is there such a conclusion ?, When viewed from its own history, the role of youth is crucial in the course of Indonesia's own independence, be it before or after independence. Meanwhile, the opposite can also happen, related to dirty political activities, in the form of black campaign and so on. Therefore, the new voters must be rightly directed to keep the political condition in Indonesia healthy and create a good climate.

In addition, political actors, be they candidates for the people's representatives and party parties, take advantage of the linkage between technology and youth in the form of cyber-help me! Why so, it is very visible when PILKADA DKI Jakarta last April. Where Ahok and Djarot as 'defending champions' against 'challengers' Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno. Where the role of cyber is so crucial in determining the result of sound polls, the couple Ahok and Djarot are already on the wind suddenly dropped sharply when the blasphemy case against Ahok.

It can be seen from the elektabilitas in the form of survey data conducted by Lembagai Survey Indonesia (LSI) Dennis JA, where, voice elektabilitas Based on data owned by LSI, before set as a suspect, elektabilitas Ahok was at 24.6 percent. Meanwhile, after being designated as a suspect of blasphemy, Ahok's elektabilitas dropped to 10.6 percent.

It is known that social media is very influential in the spread, both in the form of videos and people's comments on social media. Therefore, if seen from the phenomenon of PILKADA DKI Jakarta 2017 yesterday that took place very exciting and the enthusiasm of the new owners, it is not impossible PILPRES 2019 will take place very tight and there is a lot of unhealthy political competition.

Therefore, it is expected that the briefing from the government and the people closest to the new voters, because the cruel political world will be more cruel again if assisted by the mass media

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