Danger! These 10 Foods Can not Be eaten Raw

Danger! These 10 Foods Can not Be eaten RawVemale.com – You may think that all foods are naturally cooked before they can be eaten. But not all foods must be cooked, sometimes some food will actually lose its nutrition if cooked or exposed to hot temperatures.

Some vegetables can be eaten raw, such as carrots, cabbage, lettuce and some other foods. But there are some foods that can not be eaten raw, it is dangerous for health. Here are 10 of them.

Red beans

Raw red beans contain poisonous proteins that will disintegrate if exposed to hot temperatures or through the cooking process.

Bitter almonds

Almonds are bitter and some sweet, and you should not eat bitter in a raw state because it contains hydrogen cyanide which is toxic and lethal.


Make sure you cook the potatoes until they are fully cooked and tender because raw potatoes contain solanine compounds that can cause stomach upset even unconscious or paralyzed unconscious.


This type of tubers also do not try to eat when raw because the skin contains calcium oxalate sap that will make skin numb, itching and irritation can even interfere with the kidneys.

CassavaCassava must also be cooked until cooked and tender like a potato because raw cassava contains deadly hydrogen cyanide. Can cause unconsciousness because it interferes with the circulation of oxygen in the body.

Papaya leaf

Papaya leaf sap, as well as cassava and almonds, contains hydrogen cyanide when raw. That's why you have to boil it until it is tender, throw water and can be processed.

Risin or jatropha seed

Although it may not be commonly eaten, but do not try to eat it raw because it contains toxic proteins that can kill quickly. It tastes bitter, so why try it?

Olive Fruits or Seeds

Olives can not be eaten raw because they contain oleuropein compounds. Not to kill the hell, but it is very bitter to make the mouth numb. But just calm down, maybe you also will not be able to find the raw in the market.


Mushrooms should always be cooked because raw mushrooms contain toxins that can cause stomach upset to disrupt the gastrointestinal (digestive) system.


Any animal meat should be cooked until cooked, let alone pork. Because nobody knows what bacteria and potential diseases animals bring in their bodies. Any meat should be properly cooked freshly edible.That's all the food that should not be eaten raw. Never try it when raw ya.

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