Danger! This content will make your skin irritable

Danger! This content will make your skin irritableVemale.com – Everyone has different skin care routines and products, in the hope of keeping skin healthy or curing certain skin conditions. But do you understand the products you use well? Do not let the content contained in your skin care, instead of repairing the skin, but instead irritate.

For those of you who have oily skin, irritant content will aggravate the condition of the skin and result in more and more acne that appears. For dry skin, the effect is the skin will become flaking and looks dull. Therefore, to keep the skin smooth, bright and healthy, consider the following ingredients that you should avoid, especially if you have sensitive skin.

1. Paraben

Now more and more beauty brands are promoting its paraben-free products. It is well known that parabens are harmful not only to the skin, but also to your health and to the environment. Paraben is commonly used as a preservative to prevent bacterial and fungal growth in cosmetic products, but the content contained in parabens is shown to increase the risk of breast cancer.

2. Fragrance

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According to a dermatologist from New York, David Bank, fragrance is the number one cause of allergic skin. Fragrances in question is a chemical compound that is incorporated into a beauty product in order to have a more attractive fragrance. If you do not smell the skin care product, it does not mean the product is free of artificial fragrance. Some artificial fragrances are used not to give fragrant, but to disguise the unpleasant chemical odors. Sensitive skin with artificial fragrance content can be red, itchy, and in severe cases, becomes swollen.

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3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

This one content is often simply referred to as sulfate. Sulfate is the most irritating cleansing ingredient, which can be found in bath soaps, facial cleansers, and shampoos. Only 2% -5% in the product can cause sensitive reactions to the skin of most people such as redness, dry skin, and the appearance of a rash.

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Are you concerned about skin care made from chemicals and choose to use natural-made products? Natural ingredients, does not mean definitely 100% suitable for skin yes. Some natural ingredients also need to be used in the right level or avoided if not suitable for your skin type. What to watch out for?

1. Citrus

The fruits that enter into the citrus class are all kinds of oranges, lemons, and also grapefruit. Products that have citrus or citrus oil extracts have a mild and fresh fragrance, but can irritate the skin. This is because if the content of citrus exposed to air and sun, it will arise the oxidation process in citrus fruit that irritates the skin, increase the risk of sunburn and cause dermatitis (reddish rash rash).

2. Peppermint and Mentol

Use peppermint and menthol content only on your toothpaste and sweets. Some people love how the cool and fresh effects that peppermint and menthol give to the skin, but it can irritate the skin. If you regularly use peppermint or menthol on the skin, an inflammation may occur initially on the inside of the skin, invisible to the eye. In addition, menthol is part of an alcohol family that can give a dry effect on the skin.


Lavender Flower / Copyright Shutterstock

How could lavender be harmful to the skin see the same amount of products on the outside using a fragrant or lavender extract? The answer, maybe! Although rare, but there are some people who are allergic or not compatible with lavender. Lavender contains linalyl acetate, which, like with citrus, will oxidize when exposed to air, causing irritant reactions. The reaction is not directly appear in one use, but slowly interfere with skin health from within.

Well, from now on let's be more vigilant and beware of the content of products that you put on the face, especially the routine used. Read the ingredients in your skin care and do not forget to patch before using new products.

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