Dangerous, global warming for air travel is increasingly at risk

Dangerous, global warming for air travel is increasingly at riskGlobal warming is not only harmful to the future of humans in the long term, but in the short run it is already at risk. This is realized from a story last month.

In the past month, the city of Pheonix in the state of Arizona, USA, experienced extreme hot weather. The temperature there reaches 48 degrees Celsius. Because of this heat, one of the major airlines named American Airlines was forced to cancel 50 flights from Sky Harbor International Airport there.

From the incident, scientists are increasingly concerned about the heat that hit the Earth, and its impact on air travel. In fact, quoted from The Verge, there is a new study that mentions that events in Pheonix just prefix. There will be more bad things if global warming is getting worse.

A group of researchers from Columbia University mentioned in their research journal that the hot temperatures greatly affect the performance of take off and landing aircraft. From their research, 10 to 30 percent of aircraft flying during the hot day, should have a lighter airframe weight.

This happens because with a high plane weight, one of the requirements of the plane to take off is to be under a certain temperature. As Boeing and Airbus have the maximum temperature to fly is 52 degrees Celsius. While the plane is smaller, only 47 degrees.

Not just a matter of aircraft, short runways and airports in the highlands, will also be affected similarly. This is because these two causes will make the aircraft hotter and takeoff failures will occur.

This will make air travel more expensive. Airports certainly need money to build a longer runway, while airlines have to waste money to improve technology for improved takeoff efficiency. [idc]

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