Dangers That Can Come Because Often Parents Scold Children

Dangers That Can Come Because Often Parents Scold ChildrenSeeing the behavior of someone we do not want or wearing of course will make us angry. Moreover, we as parents if they find their children do not want to be advised or behave arbitrarily of course we will grumble-nagging.

Angry is needed in educating children to train discipline and for children to behave correctly and positively. But if we are excessive anger such as excessive nagging, shouting, snapping, even even hitting in crowded places, this will make the child hurt and embarrassed. It is not uncommon for children to cause trauma, so the child becomes afraid.

If the child is scolded but does not know where the error will be he will repeat the mistake back both in the home environment and at school. The child will assume his parents are not trustworthy figures when he encounters a problem. Gradually the child becomes stressed and confused because they do not know who to trust because the child is afraid to approach his parents. It will all have a negative effect as mentally children become unhealthy. If this happens repeatedly instead of being impossible, he will eventually become aggressive and even if at school will intimidate his friends.

Therefore as a parent should use that anger appropriately. Should be at times annoyed to invite the child to a discussion with gentle. Anakpun will understand the location of his mistakes and understand what his parents do not like. The child also understands that what he does not like is his behavior rather than himself.

How to upset a positive parent will make the child appear confident because he did not feel in hakimi, not repeat his mistakes again and most importantly close children and believe in his parents because the child feels comfortable so that can be directed to the maximum potential. Both to himself and his family children also learn to channel angry properly. And do not be angry by using violence like hitting. Because it can hurt children physically whose growth will be disrupted. A positive parent's anger will bring the child to grow positively so that he is healthy both mentally and physically.

So little picture of the harm and negative consequences that result from the less precise we as parents in rebuking the child's behavior. May be a benefit for all of us

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