Danjen Kopassus Closes Forest Battle Practice in Sukabumi

Danjen Kopassus Closes

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Liputan6.com, Sukabumi – The Commander of the Special Forces (Kopassus) Command, Maj. Gen. TNI Madsuni, closed the Battle of the Battle of III and the Gultor Sat-81 Forest Hostage Liberation in Sukabumi, West Java. This exercise is part of a series of anniversaries of the 72nd anniversary of the TNI.

Madsuni said the fighting exercise is to improve soldier skills, develop skills, and techniques of forest fighting.

"The exercise was held to remind all members that the discipline of combat in the field of operation is very important, which will determine the success of the soldiers in the field of assignment," said Madsuni at the Kalapanunggal Square, Sukabumi, West Java, Sunday (17/09/2017 ).

Madsuni explained that forest battle training has become an icon for the army. This technique must be mastered and implemented by the soldiers when they return to their unit.

Madsuni said that Army Chief of Staff General Mulyono advised that all soldiers should not forget the 5K aspects of security, confidentiality, alertness, thoroughness and accuracy.

"These five aspects must always be followed and implemented wherever you are placed in the area of ??assignment of operations," he said.

Meanwhile, for Sat-81 Gultor Kopassus, Madsuni hopes, this exercise will sharpen the ability to handle the situation of resistance against terrorism. Bearing in mind, Sat-81 should always be ready whenever the country needs it.

"I hope to train participants to always maintain and improve knowledge, as well as skills acquired during the exercise," he said.

To the commander of the unit and coach, Madsuni advised, to immediately evaluate and examine more deeply during the exercise. So the next exercise can be better in achieving the achievements that have been determined.

"May God Almighty always give us guidance and guidance to us, in continuing the best service to Kopassus, the people, the nation, and the country we love so much," Madsuni stressed.

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