Dare You Married With People You Never Knew Before

Dare You Married With People You Never Knew BeforeVemale.com – Ladies, before deciding to get married, you must have had an inner struggle: "Is he the right person?" or "Did I really know her?" These thoughts must lead to two things: more certain or more doubtful.

But it turns out there are people who dare to take a big step in his life, which is to marry a stranger who had just met him! Yes, this really happened to a reality show program in the UK titled Married at First Sight. Wow, what's this controversial event going on?

Reported by dailymail.co.uk, this program is a social experiment that is quite extreme done. Because the 6 people involved did not know each other at all. The applicants of this event are paired by 4 experts based on data about their psychological, sex, social and spiritual conditions. After that they will get married formally then live life like husband and wife.

Reaction of the bride when meeting the man first time | Photo: copyright dailymail.co.uk

Those involved were Jamie Otis (27) and Jason Carrion (27), Monet (23) and Vaughn (30), Cortney (26) and Doug (31). Previously, these six people never thought about how it would be if they married. "In New York, most men will become adventurers of love until the age of 30s," said Jamie Otis who works as a nurse. "It's very hard to find a man who dares to commit."

Corney & amp; Doug | Photo: copyright dailymail.co.uk

These couples encounter various problems, such as determining where they will stay after marriage. This is one of the points that experts are studying. "This experiment aims to discover whether social science can play a role in the success of learning," said Dr. Logan Levkoff, a sexologist who was involved in this event.

It sounds controversial, but this event is certainly not done haphazardly because of the assistance from experts. Hmm, if this happens to you, dare you marry a stranger you just met, Ladies?

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