Dariku, The Secret Admirer

Dariku, The Secret

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Every human being must never be unfamiliar with this one gentle feeling: love.

It's hard to believe this taste alone. The gentle feeling that comes at times and situations is very wrong. There is nothing wrong with all the tidiness that comes from this admiration. You are a creature of Allah SWT that I should be grateful for. You're beautiful, you're different.

I know you live not for the ambition to impress others.

At first I underestimated and ignored you. Because you are different. You did not tell me to make you memorable in my heart. But, this sincere heart guides and patiently teaches me to admire your every move. All of you are not wrong, my heart and the wrong time. It seems impossible. Everything was dead. My life was not good after the unexpected beauty came and knocked this empty space. This position is very difficult. I'm with him from being loved, not me who started. I just replied what should be appropriate for the reply.

Day after day, you who seem a little annoying to be a more beautiful and pleasant. That certainly makes my heart more unreliable again. I caught several times the eyebrows of empty eyes that led to me. I do not want to make that moment more make me fall. I can only keep the question mark alone. Until sometime, you make two impressions of being a hero of kemalaman and remain the figure of the annoying man who as early as I first saw. I do not know what I'm doing, I slipped a prayer in your name and thanked God Almighty. I'm getting nuts.

My race started to weird every day. It changes very dramatically every second. Sometimes I am amazed, sometimes curious, then annoyed, sad, jealous, all I feel again like a high school kid who is in love. Just the way I felt 4 years ago. What is this? I am more and more insane. I really do not know with my heart. Thousands of questions continue to flow non-stop. Do I have two hearts? What is my vein of love forked? Is Love as easy as this? What's love for betrayal? Why 40 days to beat the beautiful 4 years? What is this? Is this the name love does not have to have? Is this what people feel? Love this complicated? Bla bla bla.

Between you and he who loves me. It's hard to admit that you pray every day. Loving and loving is the greatest flush in my heart. "Indeed the woman loved is not loving" said the man.

Maybe it's just all yesterday's moment for you. I never thought, that day was the last day you pulled my bag like a little boy who was asking something on his brother. Yes, the habits you did not realize made me miss. You never know not, if all is beautiful for me. All perfect even though we have not greeted each other for a month. You've been busy with your new activities, your new friend. Lucky those around you now, seeing your beautiful smile for free. Watching your silliness is also very much missed.

That cute, ridiculous act really made me miss. Where are you? I'm sure you're fine. I'm sure Allah SWT always protect you. I can only love you in silent. Looking up at the sky you might be seeing as well. I know myself, I can not hope.

Is not sincere love is the one who gave up his love happy?

I just want one thing, before you forget me anymore or even remember what my name is when one day meet later though impossible. I want you to know, I'm a plain woman who has admired you, adored you, who has fallen in love with you. Forever I can only love you in silence.I love you. Let it be my business. How are you to me, whatever, that's your business.

-Pidi Baiq

Why do not you know why we are not friends as usual. Do not you also miss the moment eating, watching, laughing off like yesterday? I've lost you a month. If you want to disappear, disappear politely. At least say goodbye.

One thing you need to know. The strap bag you used to pull off already yesterday. Whether it's a sign. Maybe it's time to forget or have to remember you or even turn you into a new spirit? What is clear, if one day there is a chance to meet. I want to look decent.

This very inspiring song, Secret Shaikh Sheila On 7

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