Data and Facts Copa America Centenario United States vs. Paraguay

Data and Facts Copa America Centenario United States vs. Paraguay

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United States eager following the trail of Colombia who have qualified for the knockout Copa America Cetenario 2016 this. To become the second team to qualify from Group A, the United States is obliged to win the Paraguay counter match at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday (12/6) morning.

In terms of strength and material the players of both teams in fact there is no significant difference, so the results of the game at Lincoln Financial Field later will be determined by the concoction of the two coaches strategy. However, America will have enormous moral support given that they will play in public their own.

Before the Bolaneters witnessed the party's last ticket to the knockout round of the Copa America Cetenario, it would not hurt for Bolaneters to read some of the following data and facts.

This is the second meeting between the United States and Paraguay in the Copa America, where in 2007 past Paraguay beat the United States with a score of 3-1.
4-0 victory counter Costa Rica early last week made the Americans stop six games without a win in the Copa America
Counter Costa Rica, United States for the first time scored 4 goals in Copa America history.
Paraguay won just one of their last 16 games in the Copa America (M1 S9 K6)
The last time the United States advanced to the Copa America quarter-finals was in 1995
Since 1987, All Copa America Hosts Must have escaped the group stage
The last time Paraguay qualified for the quarter-finals in the Copa America event was in 2004 ago
The United States scored 4 goals from 4 attempted shots against Costa Rica. (Ball / dub)

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