Debbi Wood’s Most Jealous Wife in the World Until Got a Lie Detector

Debbi Wood's Most

Image source: – Said nih .. jealous means love, but if it is excessive can be dangerous. This one woman is very jealous and is afraid her husband is cheating. So he set very strange things like ..

Husbands should not watch movies or ads that have women.

Always tap the phone of the husband.

Even have a lie detection tool for husbands.

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Well! You are not reading a novel, because this story really happened to the couple Debbi Wood (43 years) and Steve Wood (32 years). Debbi is a very jealous woman. She did not want her husband to glance at another woman and leave her. That's why, Debbi apply various rules that can make others shake their heads, reported by

Husband Can Only Watch Flora Fauna Event

Every day, Steve can only watch flora and fauna TV shows, if there are ads that show beautiful women, Debbi will replace them. This woman also has all the passwords of her husband so he can track with whom he socialize. Not only that, Debbi even have a lie detection tool. Every time her husband comes home, she will pair the device and ask things to believe that her husband is not glancing at other women or cheating.

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"One night, I was panicked because there was a beautiful woman in a television commercial and thought Steve liked it," Debbi said, banning her husband from watching any event except the flora fauna. "I even bought a lie detector online, to make sure my husband did not seduce another woman,"

Because I Love My WifeThere are many people who feel sorry for Steve, because he seems to be in prison by his own wife. But Steve who married Debbi in 2011 said that he really loves his wife. So Steve does not mind even though his phone is often tapped his wife or have to use lie detection tool every time home.

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Beyond that, Debbi is often jealous of being overjoyed by Othello Syndrome. Syndrome makes a person has a sense of excessive and afraid his partner will cheat, but the fear is only in his shadow. To overcome that anxiety, Debbi started taking anti-depressant medication.

Hopefully Debbi soon heal and no longer anxious excess. Salute to Steve who was always beside his wife in joy and sorrow.

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