Decorative Lamps Acoustically Apply When Earth Hour

Decorative Lamps Acoustically Apply When Earth, Bogor – Welcoming Earth Hour that falls on March 25, some places will turn off the lights simultaneously for one hour from 20:30 to 21:30 local time.

Bogor City Government also participated by turning off electricity in the center of this rain city.

There will be blackouts in some offices such as city hall and Bogor City Council Building. Point to cool the earth for an hour.

In addition to office buildings, a number of other public facilities such as garden lights, decorative lights, and general street lighting and Lawang Salapan and Tugu Kujang became an icon of Bogor City was also extinguished.

"But not all lights will be turned off," said Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto, Wednesday (22/3/2017).

Bima hopes that earth hour warning is not only limited to ceremonies held every year, but there must be real action from the community in saving energy.

"For the self-government building, we have started, such as savings on water use, air conditioning, and others," said Bima.

Chairman of Earth Hour 2017, Fahrul Rozi, said there are more than 50 stakeholders who will participate in the earth hour, such as cafes, restaurants, hotels to malls.

"The blackout is done for 1 hour, lasting from 20:30 to 21:30 pm," said Fahrul.

However, for earth hour warning this time, continued Fahrul, different from the previous year. This is because the activities are focused in Bogor City Hall. This time will be done in some places that become participants in earth hour activities with the theme of Bogor Sahate or Simultaneously Save Energy.

"At earth hour event, earth hour committee will be distributed in hotels, malls and restaurants," he explained.Fahrul explains, the purpose of these activities to celebrate the commitment of energy-efficient lifestyle by turning off lights and electronic devices that are not used for one hour.

Earth Hour that falls every March 25 is a form of human commitment to safeguard the earth, one of which is energy saving. This action was initiated by the World Wide Fund (WWF). Earth Hour in Bogor itself is a public initiation campaign that is conducted every year almost everywhere in the world.

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