Defeat Ahok in elections DKI 2017 So the World Attention

Defeat Ahok, Jakarta – Couple of candidates number 3 in the election of the regional head of DKI Jakarta Anies Rasyid Baswedan and Sandiaga Salahudin Uno won a quick count or quick count of various survey institutions.

Related to that, the couple Petahana Basuki Tjahaja Purnama and Djarot Saiful Hidayat also give congratulations.

"I congratulate Anies-Sandi," said Basuki who often called Ahok at the Pullman Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (4/19/2017).

Ahok expressed his gratitude to the Police, TNI, KPU, and Bawaslu who have supported the election process so that it runs smoothly.

He hopes the Anies and Sandiaga paslon can continue their homework in DKI Jakarta well. Also confirmed by Ahok, he will work quickly for the rest of the time six months ahead.

"We will work well to lay the groundwork and we hope that Anies-Sandi can continue well," Ahok said.

Not to forget, the man born in Manggar, Bangka Belitung, 50 years ago was also requested that his supporters are not sad and disappointed. "It's okay, God loves power, God takes it, God knows best," he said.

Also confirmed by the father of three children, that he was very open to selected paslon. "We are open to Anies for data, we are open government."

After the election, Ahok requested that all citizens of Jakarta re-unite. "We hope all forget the problems during the campaign and elections, Jakarta our house together," said Ahok.

The news about the defeat of Ahok and Djarot's quick count version is in the spotlight after a number of foreign media reviews it.

The New York Times website carried the news with the headline "Early Result Suggest Loss for Jakarta Governor in Religiously Tinged Election"."The unofficial results of the election of the governor of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, on Wednesday show that the petahana, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, lost a fierce battle widely viewed as a test of religious and ethnic tolerance in the world's largest Muslim majority country," the opening sentence in The New York Times article.

"Just hours after the polls closed, the independent survey agency did a quick count and the results showed that Ahok's challenger Anies Baswedan, who is also a former minister of education led by a vote of between 56 and 59 percent," the media said.

The Asian Correspondent news site comes with an article titled "Quick count" Anies Baswedan is new Jakarta governor ".

"Although the Election Commission says that rapid counting is not the end result, but preliminary data from most survey agencies show Anies Baswedan and her partner Sandiaga Uno managed to lead with 57-58 percent of the vote compared to Ahok and Djarot Saiful Hidayat who won 42 percent," wrote Asian Correspondent in his article.

In his review, Asian Correspondent also cited Anies' cuitan on social media Twitter in the seconds ahead of his victory quick count.

"Friends, whoever you have chosen, let's embrace each other, it's time for Jakarta to move forward and be happy together," Anies booming quote.

The Australian also highlighted Ahok's defeat in the second round election of DKI Jakarta. Through the headline "Jakarta governor election: Voters choose between Ahok and Baswedan", the news site includes a quick count of winning Anies Baswedan, a former Education Minister and Fullbright scholarship winner.

"Although the KPU will not release its results until early May, rapidly calculate the Indicator – a survey agency – shows Anies earning 57.52 percent of the vote compared to Ahok 42.48 percent in which votes have already been counted 95 percent," wrote The Australian in his article .

The Australian also cited the Anies-Sandi pair's victory speech made three hours after the official vote was closed.

"We are committed to maintaining diversity and unity and our goal is to make Jakarta the most harmonious province in Indonesia," Anies said.

The ABC news site carries an article titled "Jakarta governor election: 'Quick count' shows Ahok losing office to Anies Basweden" to preach the defeat of Ahok's quick count version."According to rapid count, Anies Baswedan leads the vote in the Jakarta elections after millions of citizens cast their vote at more than 13,000 polling stations across the capital to choose the next governor," ABC said in his opening sentence.

Through an article titled "Jakarta Gov. Ahok concedes election after divisive campaign", CNN reported Ahok admitted his defeat in the election which took place Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

The defeat of Ahok in the elections of DKI Jakarta 2017 in the quick count version was also published by Al Jazeera under the title "Jakarta Governor Ahok heading for election loss."

"The unofficial vote count shows that the governor of Petahana in Jakarta, Capital of Jakarta, lost …," Al Jazeera wrote.

The Associated Press news agency carried a similar message titled "Christian Candidate Likely to Lose Key Election That Laid Bare Indonesia's Sectarian Divide". Meanwhile, "Christian governor ousted in Jakarta election" became the editorial choice of the Financial Times to announce the quick count results won by Anies-Sandi.

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