Demian Aditya Stunning in America, Not Appreciated in Indonesia

Demian Aditya Stunning in America, Not Appreciated in Indonesia

Image source: – The last few days, the name illusionist Demian Aditya became the talk of the action arena in the event of Americas Got Talent. He managed to amaze the jury music producer Simon Cowell; super model Heidi Klum; former member of Spice Girls Mel B; and Howie Mandel comedian. His fourth face was clearly stunned to see the action of Sara Wijayanto's husband.

See Demian's stunning action here.

But unfortunately, not all can appreciate the action. Not a few people who actually commented negative as well as sneering. Sara, Demian's wife was censured too. I do not know what is in the minds of people who always think negative. Seeing this phenomenon, Deddy Corbuzier also voiced. Through his vlog, he expressed his objection. Now this Deddy vlog has been watched as much as 3.1 million times.

Video: corbuzier

I am really, really sad. If you say know how, than show me what you can do? challenge Deddy in his vlog.

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But apparently, Demian feel more disappointed because it is not appreciated by the nation itself. In his instagram account on May 17th, Demian wrote his disappointment.

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Sometimes hard when I have to love a nation that does not love me, wrote Demian in opening post instagramnya. Furthermore, Demian said, how the action always get a reprimand from the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission. Not stopping there, he also said that many parties who actually question about the action that is considered not real, aka pretend.

Today's era I feel the audience in Indonesia beloved this majority no longer enjoys magic as entertainment, they always think the magic is a fraud, he wrote again.

The most sad, at the end of his post Demian was impressed surrender to the state of Why should i care? he said as closing.I personally was sad to see this. Is it so negative that most netizens' minds can not appreciate one's work? For me this bullying behavior through the internet is outrageous. Remember Ladies, negative behavior is contagious. Why should we compete to transmit bad things.

Remember, respecting the work of others will not make us look smaller, it shows that we are big-minded people with an open mind. Let's start now we race to spread the good and positive behavior. Fill our mind with kindness, surely we will reap extraordinary things in the future.

Keep happy, and spread the love, Ladies!

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