Democratic Cadres Ensure 1 Vote Support SBY Become Chairman

Democratic Cadres, Jakarta Member of Parliament from Democratic Faction Didik Mukriyanto asserted, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono or SBY will surely come forward and re-elected as Chairman of the Democratic Party at the upcoming congress. Because, SBY is the best cadre of the nation and 10 years experienced leading Indonesia.

"It means that in the Democratic Party, I can say that none of the qualifications matches SBY, meaning that SBY is the best cadre of the party," said Mukriyanto at the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta on Thursday (11). / 12/2014).

Moreover, seeing the condition of Democrats who go down at this time, then according to him, it takes a cadre like SBY. The 6th President of the Republic of Indonesia is also considered to be able to bring the Democrats to fight for constituent aspirations.

However, if there are other Democratic cadres who intend to run and qualify the number of votes from DPD I and DPC, then there is no prohibition.

"The homework of the Democratic cadres is how to convince SBY to be willing to lead the mercy party to be reborn," said Mukriyanto.

Some time ago, senior Democrats who are members of Founder Communities Forum and Declarator (FKPD) requested that SBY no longer be chairman of the party. They also urged that the event of Silaturahmi Nasional (Silatnas) II was held on 23-25 ??January 2015.

FKPD General Chairman Vence Rumangkang said the purpose of holding Silatnas is to bring together the founders of the PD to fight and re-enlarge the party bearing the Mercy.

Democrat politician Ruhut Sitompul asked the founders should thank SBY.

"I invite the founders of the Democratic Party, please run the party as a whole, do not go alone, so whatever we have to thank SBY, because he made the Democratic Party become big like this," said Ruhut in Jakarta, Thursday 27 November 2014.

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