Depok focus manage Setu become a cheap tourist attraction for residents

Depok focus manage

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Depok City Government focus on exploring natural attractions and water. One of them by making Setu as a tourist attraction. The concept, making Setu as a cheap rides and places to interact citizens.

Currently the increase is being done so that later setu can be a fun recreational vehicle. One of them is in Setu Pengasinan. In that location there are sports facilities such as jogging tracks and entertainment facilities such as duck boat. In addition there is also a green area can be used as education.

No less with marinating, Setu Lio became an object that is often held a variety of events. The main thing is the dragon boat race. Some people also often take advantage of this setu to practice water sports.

Head of Department of Youth Sports Arts and Culture of Depok city, Agus Suherman, claimed to continue to explore the potential of tourism in Depok. For now the focus is on nature and water tourism. Of the dozens of setu in Depok, there have been some targeted to be a tourist destination.

"The salting is good to be done," said Agus Suherman, Head of Department of Sport and Cultural Affairs of Depok City, Tuesday (31/1).

He said, currently only a few setu well managed. In the future it continues to setu setu so worthy as a tourist attraction. "If it is arranged neatly, then many visitors come in. From here the economy also rise," he said.

While the target is Setu Cilodong. Because Setu is very strategic and potential. It is located on the roadside so it is possible glimpsed riders. Then access is also very easy to reach. "Later can be added gazebo, dock and boat tours like ducks," he said.

In the future, his side will manage water tourism in Depok with professionals. Currently the law is being prepared to focus more on management. Cooperation with the private sector is also needed to increase investment climate in Depok. "Plan ahead we make a water tour like Citarik.we have observation to Ciliwung and is being prepared everything going that way," he concluded. [ang]

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