Depression, Drugs, and Happiness

Depression, Drugs, and Happiness

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A few weeks ago when I attended a talk show in the BSD area of ??South Tangerang, my friend who lived in the area met me at the talk show. We talked about many things including people we know.

The one whose hair is painted is not it, Ma'am? asked my friend when she tried to identify the person I mentioned.

Yes, the hobby is a picnic, I say.

Ah, even if he likes picnics, I think he's a lot of trouble, my friend comments. He's a nurse tau doctor. Every one of his pharmacies works on Xanax prescription nebus.

I'm a little surprised. Really? Cook people who work picnic Xanax consume from a neurologist? Xanax is a brand of medicine that is often prescribed as a sedative. But yes maybe the person we are talking about is an official at a large private company. Perhaps the stress of his job caused him stress and picnics that he almost did every month have not been able to reduce the stress he suffered.

Stress time, my timpalku short.

About Depression

According to Mitch Albom in his book Have a Little Faith, what we call depression is nothing but dissatisfaction, as a result of setting too high a target to impossible or expecting a treasure we do not want to work with. There are people whose source of their unhappiness are the unbearable things like weight, baldness, stagnation at work, or their inability to get the right match.

In these situations, it seems like antidepressants are the answer to their depression. Indeed antidepressants do it. However, drugs do not change the underlying problem that makes us depressed. Drugs do not make us have a brilliant career or make us find the right partner.

Happiness in medicine

Sometimes, people do not have to suffer a specific trauma to get antidepressant drugs. Enough with common depression symptoms or anxiety or insomnia some doctors may prescribe it. As if sadness is as easy to treat as a cold. Try asking the pharmacist who served in the hospital. How many antidepressant recipes they receive each day.Everything that the society considers we should try to make us happy. Many marriages are divorced when they have all the worldly objects. Many families continue to quarrel when they are abundant in money and live healthy lives. Having a lot of things will not stop us to want more. And when we always want more, richer, prettier, more famous, happiness will never come to us.

How can we be happy?

In this case, Cak Nun once taught it to us through his book. If something can not go as expected even though it has been attempted in such a way, learn to accept. At least by receiving, we can avoid stress.

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