Deptan Encourages Farmers to Develop Lowland Vegetable Land

Deptan Encourages Farmers to Develop Lowland Vegetable Land

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The Department of Agriculture (MOA) encourages farmers to develop vegetable farms in the lowlands to reduce the opening of areas in the highlands that are at risk of causing landslides.

Director of Nursery Horticulture Nursery Deptan, Nana R. Laksana in Bekasi, West Java, said Sunday that a number of vegetable crops that can be developed on the plains with an altitude of less than 400 meters above sea level (dpl) such as long beans, pumpkin, potatoes or eggplant .

"The development of highland agricultural areas must be done with the concept of conservation but not all farmers understand conservation, therefore we encourage them to develop lowland vegetable crops," he said on the sidelines of Earth Day celebration held D`Green Community.

According to him, the nutrients produced vegetables from the lowlands are not inferior to the nutrient content that exists in similar commodities grown in the highlands.

In addition to encouraging farmers to cultivate vegetables in the lowlands, Nana said, the Ministry of Agriculture also encourages fruit farmers to develop their business in areas prone to landslides.

Some fruits commodities suitable for landslide prone areas and able to keep the area from the possibility of landslides include avocado, jackfruit or petai.

Meanwhile, related to Earth Day commemoration which falls on April 22, D`Green Community non-governmental organizations are planting 850 trees in Watershed (DAS) or Cikarang Bekasi Laut (CBL) river banks, Cibitung Bekasi.

In addition, also tree planting in a number of educational institutions as many as 200 trees and on vacant land Villa Indah Permai Bekasi Utara 100 trees.

Chairman D`Green Community, Syifuddin Zukri said agriculture that prioritizes monoculture and biased green revolution has diluting the biodiversity and the carrying capacity or productivity of agricultural land.

"Therefore, reforestation in the territory of Indonesia should be re-strived and promoted not only by the government but also the community," he said.

Associated with the greening program, PT Astra International targets to plant trees as much as 116 thousand stems during 2008 spread throughout the country.Human Resources Planning PT Denso Indonesia (a subsidiary of PT Astra International), Agung Handayanto said the trees were adjusted to the total number of employees of PT Astra International.

"The planting will be done in stages and coordinated by 200 subsidiaries throughout Indonesia," he said. (* / lin)

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