Design Engine Jet Doang Paid 29 Billion Rupiah, Want

Design Engine Jet

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You've read an article about a new US military laser weapon right? If not you can read the New American Owned Laser Guns Can Melt Target in Seconds Counts. Still from Uncle Sam's country, the US Air Force offered $ 2 million (more than 29 billion rupiah) to anyone who could design new and better engines to add power to the aircraft. Jet engine design doang paid 29 billion rupiah, want?

(Global Hawk UAV)

The competition known as the Air Force Prize is open to American citizens aged 18 years and over. The purpose of the Air Force Prize contest is to accelerate the development of lightweight, turbine fuel efficiency engines, or jet engines for future aircraft power. According to Lieutenant Colonel Harun Tucker, this is the first time the US military offers a reward for generating technological innovation among the general public. "The Air Force Secretary is really looking for an innovative way to acquire the latest systems and technologies," he continued.

If the DARPA (Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency) invites the public to find new solutions to complex military problems, such as how to design a two-legged robot that can perform useful tasks without falling or to make a group of small drones landed in an aircraft, then Air Force Prize has slightly different goals than DARPA. Contestants are not really designing anything new. More precisely they redesigned something old that could be used for a new purpose.

(A turbine engine for testing at AFRL)

To register and become a contestant, participants must submit design ideas to the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), where experts will decide whether their design is suitable for turbine engines. AFRL also frees the contestants to interpret in their own innovation designs. In order to win a $ 2 million prize, participants must bring their prototype machine made to AFRL located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

(Jet engine trial)

The machine must twice pass the same test within six hours of the test. If the machine prototype can work more than once, the possibility of prototype is worth developing further. If you would like to know more about this project, you can visit the official AFRL website. Do not forget to write a comment on the column below yes!

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