Develop Tourism, Pontianak Hold Sampan Rowing Competition

Develop Tourism, Pontianak Hold Sampan Rowing, Pontianak- As a container in the effort to preserve and develop the creativity of traditional boat rowing lovers to be the object of tourism development, the Office of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province (Kalbar) held a traditional sampan contest, Sunday (26 / 10/2014) is located in front of Panda Health Center, Jawi River, Pontianak City.

Participants who followed traditional boat lompa were 60 groups. The committee also prepared three sampans for each participant to use. Deputy Mayor of Pontianak, Edi Rusdi Kamtono, officially released the first participant of the sampan race, said the boat is known as one of the means of river transportation which until now still used by the community, can be a tourist attraction if packaged attractively.

One of them with traditional boat races that was held today. In the future we expect more participants from the present, explained Edi.

This traditional canoe race will be an annual tourist event agenda so that it can be a tourist attraction both domestic and abroad. But he asks that the canoes used for this race are so attractive that there is a unique uniqueness.

Pontianak City Government plans to make the area along the Jawi River as a new tourist icon with a culinary tour of the night. Currently the Pontianak municipal government is organizing the Jawi River area by building parallel roads and dismantling a number of existing bridges. Along the banks of the Jawi River we will decorate with various ornaments such as lights and greening trees, said Edi.

Kadisbudpar Pontianak City, Hilfira Hamid states, as a means of public transportation Pontianak City, the boat needs to be preserved as part of the culture of this city community. To that end, his side held a traditional boat competition by taking the location on the River Jawi. Selected this location as an effort to support the clean program of Jawi River from waste as it has been proclaimed Pontianak municipal government, he explained. (Raden AMP)

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