Devoted To Chinese Old Man

Devoted To Chinese Old Man [/ caption]

While watching a number of Chinese films, I often see the story of a child who is trying hard to devote himself to parents. If in Islam, I can find the rule in the Quran, one of them in the surah Al-Israa: 23. But what about the Chinese people like in those films?

Hao is a concept that has been passed down from generation to generation in China for thousands of years. Most Chinese agree that children should show devotion to parents and other family elders, like grandparents.

In the old days, as quoted from Chinadaily, people who do not treat parents well are seen as low by society. If an official does not show devotion, he is not promoted. If a scholar does not show devotion, his ideas are not approved by others. If the shop owner does not show devotion, no one will buy anything from him. And if a woman does not show devotion, no one will marry her. In some dynasties, less devoted to parents is considered a crime.

The Chinese philosopher Mencius gives three examples of the meaning of less filial. First, if a child does not tell or persuade his parents to change the things they do if they are wrong. Secondly, if an adult child does not go to work to help his elderly and poor parents. Thirdly, if an adult child is not interested in marrying and having offspring, then they fail to respect their parents.

In modern times, most Chinese still agree with the first two examples of Mencius, but disagree with the third. Last year, the National Committee of the Elderly Society of China released 24 standards on the meaning of filial piety. Some of the standards include spending time celebrating festivals with parents, celebrating their birthdays, cooking for them, calling them as often as possible if living in different cities, taking pictures, talking to them, supporting their hobbies, and exercising and traveling with them.

There are many who doubt whether the rule can be enforced because not everyone has the money to vacation with people because of high transportation costs. Finally, there was controversy with the rule. Unless a poor child with rich parents does not matter.

Hm, an interesting idea to write into a story.

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