DHL Helps WEF With Carbon Neutral Shipping Services

DHL Helps WEF With Carbon Neutral Shipping Services

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The express service and logistics provider, DHL, helps the World Economic Forum (WEF) fulfill its carbon neutral promise by offering new delivery services using a carbon neutral system.

According to a press release from DHL received by ANTARA in Jakarta, the shipping service called Gogreen has added value that reduces emissions of carbon dioxide emitted by means of transportation such as alternative fuel technology and renewable fuels.

The services launched include the urgency to fight climate change which is a key subject of the WEF Annual Meeting which took place in Davos, Switzerland, on 24-28 January.

The WEF itself is an independent international organization that is under the auspices of the Swiss Federal Government and brings together world leaders with a global and regional agenda. Established since 1971 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, WEF is nonpartisan and nonprofit.

COO World Economic 2/2 Forum Andre Scheneider says Gogreen services from DHL are a clear choice for it as climate change is the main agenda of the WEF and also because of its efforts to make the WEF annual meeting carbon neutral with the Davos Climate Alliance.

DHL Express Europe CEO Ad Ebus noted that his company is seeing an increase in the number of global business customers looking for shipping ways that reduce the adverse impact on the environment.

In order to use a neutral carbon delivery service, subscribers only select those services when ordering international express delivery.

The portfolio of carbon reduction projects is managed by a certified carbon management company and facilitates carbon exchanges between projects and business units. To ensure accountability and transparency, the program is verified by an external body, SGS from Switzerland. (* / boo)

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