Dian Pelangi and Barli Asmara Will Show Collection at New York Fashion Week. Proud to be Indonesian!

Dian Pelangi and Barli Asmara Will Show Collection at New York Fashion Week. Proud to be Indonesian!

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Talented young designers from Indonesia, Dian Pelangi again will carve his achievements in the international arena. If last year he successfully show off on stage London Fashion Week, this time Dian will show off his work in New York Fashion Week (NYFW) spring / summer 2018.

26-year-old woman is also admitted that his decision to show off the collection on the stage fashion world fashion show was very abrupt. About a week ago, Dian was offered by Wardah to represent the brand in NYFW. He also told me that he has not prepared any collection for the big event.

On September 7th, the stage of New York Fashion Week will witness the achievement of a Dian Pelangi

Insya Allah performs on September 7th. So actually only dikabarin a week, new fix iya departed it three days ago. Until now not make clothes. So it's only three weeks of preparation from now on. I became a representative of Wardah. I still do not know now how the collection, how, is still in process. No preparations at all, said Dian as reported from wolipop.detik.com

Designers graduated from Ecole Superieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode, Jakarta has indeed been in the fashion world for a long time. Dian who is also included in the youngest Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (APPMI) member has been a designer at Gallery Dian Pelangi since 2008. His clothing works are not only accepted by the people of the country but also have been exhibited in several cities in the world . Call it Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Cairo, Pakistan, Amman, Prague, Budapest, London, Melbourne, Thailand, and major cities in Indonesia. Dian elected by Wardah increasingly proves the existence of Dian should be taken into account on the international Fashion stage.

Accompanied by other Wardah representative designers, Barli Asmara, Dian Pelangi will bring Dian Pelangi Prive at the upcoming NYFW

In the famous fashion stage, Dian plans to bring his own label that Dian Pelangi Prive for the theme of Indonesia. He is known to always give a touch of the archipelago in every work that he displays in the eyes of the world. On the label that will be brought this time, he will highlight the characteristics of Indonesia from the use of cloth that reflects the characteristics of the country.

Dian who will show off the teeth with Barli Asmara also admitted that he is currently brewing collection that will be shown later. If Dian had previously performed at Couture Fashion Week New York, this time the burden and responsibility he increased because it will appear on stage classmates New York Fashion Week. So proud of you, Dian!

Before leaving for New York, Dian will first fly to Moscow in late August

Having a lot of experience in the fashion show of the world, the name Dian Pelangi is already familiar in the ears of the designers both at home and abroad. Modern Muslim clothing trends introduced by Dian are well received by the Indonesian market. Before he flew to New York on September 7, Dian will first leave for Moscow to show off his fashion work and meet with buyers there.

Fashion show and exibition Moscow which will be held on August 27 until September 2 next it is very close to his trip to NYC later. Dian also chose to return to the country on the 30th to prepare everything for the sake of NYFW later.The stage of London Fashion Week fashion was first tested by Dian successfully and made his name known to the world

In the year 2016 ago, Dian has indeed brought the name of Indonesia at the prestigious London Fashion Week event. At that time, the designer born in Palembang is collaborating with two designers dropout London College of Fashion, Odette Steele and Nelly Rose Stewart. This collaboration began with a program called residency program. Dian who was flown to London at that time had a goal to learn the modest wear there. While Odette Steele and Nelly Rose Stewart came to Indonesia to deepen the textile tradition in Pekalongan, Dian's hometown. Their collaboration was also successful and gave birth to a collection called Co Identity.

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