Dibandrol Rp 1 Million, This Bottle Can Filled Drinking Water by Its Own!

Dibandrol Rp 1 Million, This Bottle Can Filled Drinking Water by Its Own!

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From day to day, the number of areas that had suffered drought and could not get clean water was higher. Starting from the unavailability of water for the purpose of washing up for food purposes because the available water is too dirty to be used.

Water shortage factor is also sometimes found by people who are traveling and hiking to extreme places such as mountains and forests. Seeing the problem, a new startup from Europe creates a high-tech bottle that can be filled with water automatically through the surrounding air. Read on to this article to find out how cool this bottle will be when marketed.

Fonts, Drinking Water Bottles That Can Fill Himself

A company based in Vienna, Austria that Fontus created a product in the form of bottles equipped with high technology. The technology can collect moisture from the surrounding and put it in a special bottle.

The idea of ??making this bottle is because Fontus sees that there are still many people who find it difficult to get clean water, covering 1.2 billion people worldwide. In addition, they want to provide a practical technology and do not require complicated equipment just to be able to provide clean water supplies to the needy.

Instead of having to carry large expensive devices, the Fontus has finally found a way to absorb the moisture from around into a bottle using a rotating turbine.

How Does It Work From Fonts?

Fontus makes a bottle equipped with a fan at the top. The fan works by using a solar-charged battery. When the air flows into the bottle, the humid air will meet with a series of hydrophobic brushes so that the air can turn into a grain of water. This bottle will work well when used in an environment with a thickness of between 80 and 90%, and with temperatures ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Unfortunately Fontus is still in prototype form, and can not be mass produced because it is not perfect yet. One feature that will be developed in the future is an air filter that can eliminate small impurities and bacteria from being attracted when the engine works to collect water. Indeed for large foreign objects can already be filtered, but for small objects such as dust and bacteria, still require research of its own.

We look forward to the continuation of this future bottle project. Hopefully in the future Fontus can be mass produced, and of course with a cheap price. Fontus will be targeted to be released with a fairly cheap price, the range under $ 100 or 1.3 million dollars.

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