Dijadiin Drug Courier! These 5 Negative Impacts of Drone Use

Dijadiin Drug Courier!

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Unmanned drone technology alias drone seems to be inseparable from every side of human life. Not only for photography purposes only, drones can also be used for expedition purposes, health and even save human lives.

However, any development of a technology must have a negative impact on its use. Started as a drug courier, the following Jaka love to know the 5 negative impacts of drones in everyday life.

5 Negative Impacts of Drone Use in Everyday Life

1. Threatening the Life of Endangered Animals

The United States National Park security authorities have officially banned the use of drones in protected forest areas. This is related to incidents involving drones with a herd of Bighorn Sheep, a rare species of sheep in the Americas.

Related parties also approved the rules concerning the use of drones in conservation areas. Feared in the future, drones will be used to track the existence of rare animals for the purpose of poaching.

2. Interfering with Aviation Services

Some areas are prohibited to fly drones, one of which is close to the airport area and the flight area. Several accidents have occurred at Heathrow Airport, England which caused damage to British Airways aircraft.

In fact, in the United Kingdom alone there are at least 23 reports related to accidents involving drones and commercial aircraft. Aviation authorities are increasingly tightening regulations on civil drone flight.

3. Spying Foreign Country

In Indonesia, especially in Jakarta itself there are some areas that are prohibited to fly drones, such as Jalan Sudirman Thamrin. It is not a big problem, because in this region there are several foreign embassies closed to the public.The issue of international security is concerned at this point. As happened to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who was attacked by a drone in September 2014. This incident immediately became a hot conversation, where it was still rare to use drones for outside the military.

4. Disrupt Sports Match

Sporting matches are always crowded filled crowds are interesting drone photographers. But unlucky happens when the drone pilot even negligent and not adept in controlling and operating it.

As was the case with the Australian triathlete athlete Raija Ogden. He was hit by a drone that lost control by the pilot. Luckily there was no audience wounded, and he only suffered head injuries and got three stitches.

5. Drug Courier and Psychotropic

Drone is used as an expedition service, one of which is used by Amazon. But what happens if the drone instead of being a drug courier? In 2015, the drone was used to send nearly 3 kilograms of synthetic drugs on the border of the United States and Mexico. In another incident, the drone was caught smuggling 13 kilograms of heroin in a border area near San Diego.

The final word

Well that's 5 negative impacts of drone use on daily life. Compared to negative purposes, better drones are used for positive activities that benefit the people. So wise guys in using technology!

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