Din Syamsuddin Invites Religious to Reject US Attitudes Related to Jerusalem

Din Syamsuddin Invites

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Chairman of the Advisory Council of Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Din Syamsuddin invite all religious people to reject the unilateral recognition of the United States against Jerusalem.

According to Din, the attitude presented by US President Donald Trump is a form of provocation and will disrupt the peace process that has been pursued for both Palestine and Israel.

He called on the international world to both condemn the action.

"The international world, including the UN, must declare this an unjustifiable act, so we must reject this decision, more than we condemn as hard as we can," said Din after attending the International Conference for Defending Palestinian Rights at Gedung Nusantara V, Parliament Complex, Senayan , Jakarta, Thursday (7/12/2017).

Not only Muslims, but Din also invites all religious people to reject the American attitude.

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Furthermore, the allegations of a number of parties that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not finished according to him could be due to the double standards imposed by America and other major countries.

The double standard then creates world injustice.

"Therefore, not only Muslims, any religious people who love peace and justice should reject it." Alhamdulillah the Indonesian government's attitude firmly from the past, "he said.

Din then touched on the moderate option that had come up, dividing Jerusalem into two. The eastern part occupied by Palestinians became the Palestinian capital, while the western part became part of Israel.

Another option is to make Jerusalem an international holy city for the three celestial religions, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Therefore, the three religions are considered to have attachment to Jerusalem."I think that moderate options are being discussed as a unilateral solution of the United States unilaterally," Donald Trump's action is very, very one-sided, "said the President's Special Envoy for Dialogue and Interreligious Cooperation and Civilization.

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United States President Donald Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday (6/12/2017) local time.

"Israel is a sovereign country with a right like every other sovereign state to determine its own capital," Trump said in a speech at the White House.

The US government also began processing the transfer of US embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

This action is one of the fulfillment of his campaign promises to the voters.

"This recognition is an important fact to achieve peace," he said.

President Joko Widodo stressed that Indonesia strongly denounced the unilateral recognition of the United States against Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The Indonesian government, said Jokowi, asked the United States to reconsider the move.

"Indonesia strongly condemns the unilateral recognition of the United States against Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and asks the US to reconsider the decision," Jokowi said at a press conference at Bogor Palace on Thursday.

Jerusalem or some people read it as Jerusalem, is one of the oldest cities in the world. The name of Jerusalem is so familiar in the hearts of Christians, Jews, and Muslims throughout the world including in Indonesia for centuries.The city is unique with a variety of historical relics that are very important for the three people. Jerusalem, in Hebrew is called Yerushalayim, and in Arabic it is called Al Quds. In Indonesia, people pronounce it as Jerusalem.

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