Dipatok Maximum Rp 95 million, Cheap Car For Sale on Rp 100 Million

Dipatok Maximum Rp 95 million, Cheap Car For Sale on Rp 100 Million

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The Ministry of Industry has completed the draft of low cost and green car (LCGC) technical regulation, one of which set the minimum selling price of Rp 85 million and a maximum of Rp 95 million.

However, in the rule it also mentions the price is beyond the various fees that must be paid. Such expenses include local taxes, motor vehicle taxes, customs duties, automatic transmissions, passenger and other security features.

So how much is the overall car sales price (on the road) to be paid by consumers if they want to own the cheap car?

Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), Amelia Chandra revealed that in addition to car prices, the fees paid by consumers vary depending on the choice of safety features, transmission and vehicle purchase location.

"The cost of about 15% to 20%, depending on the area and additional features that consumers want," he said when talking to Liputan6.com, Thursday (4/7/2013).

Referring to the narrative Amelia, a rough calculation, if the minimum price of cheap cars according to government provisions of Rp 85 million and then there is an additional cost of about 15% -20% then the price borne by consumers of Rp 97.75 million to Rp 102 million per unit.

Meanwhile, if the price refers to the maximum amount of Rp 95 million, then the selling price to the consumer reaches Rp 109.25 million to Rp 114 million per unit.

Indeed, in the rule, in Article 2 Item 1 Letter e is set at a maximum selling price of Rp 95 million based on the location of the head office of the sole agent of the brand holder.

In other words, the quantity is the price of the maximum off-road car that has not yet calculated the delivery price to the consumer before the local tax, the transfer of name (BBN) and motor vehicle tax (PKB) (point 4).

Item 5 of the article also states that the amount of price as referred to in Letter e may be adjusted in case of changes in economic conditions reflected by the amount of inflation, the exchange rate of the rupiah, and / or the price of the raw materials.

Chairman of the Indonesian Motor Vehicle Industry Association (Gaikindo), Jongkie D Sugiarto previously said Indonesia is difficult to have cheap cars worth Rp 40 million as did India.That is considering the purchase of cars in Indonesia are still burdened with various costs such as Value Added Tax (VAT) and Transfer of Name Fee.

While the rules of cheap and energy-efficient cars (low cost and green cars / LCGC), as stipulated in Government Regulation No. 41 of 2013 to release new Luxury Goods Sales Tax (PPnBM).

"The structure of taxation in Indonesia is different from India, here the only exemption PPnBM while VAT is not released, there is no customs duties, it is not released," he said. (Nur / *)

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