Diphtheria, Deadly Throat Disease

Diphtheria, Deadly Throat Disease

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A sore throat may be common to you. However, it is possible that the pain leads to something more serious, such as diphtheria. Signs and symptoms caused almost the same as a sore throat in general. However, the disease is more serious and dangerous. Because, if not treated immediately, this can cause death.


As reported by Mayo Clinic, Friday (13/09/2013), diphtheria is a disease of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat caused by bacterial infection. When you experience it, your throat will ache with fever and your body will weaken. In addition, you will also experience shortness of breath because the channels in your throat are blocked by a thick gray membrane.

The disease is highly contagious and dangerous. Bacteria can spread easily and quickly. People who have weak immune systems, do not routinely immunize, and live in overcrowded environments tend to be more risky to experience them. Infected people are often unaware if they have diphtheria. Because, sometimes, signs and symptoms of this disease is not felt by the sufferer. If not treated quickly, the disease will lead to other more serious diseases, such as:

1. Heart damage

The bacteria that cause this disease carry toxins where they can spread through the bloodstream and then damage other tissues in your body as well as causing complications. For example, the heart muscle is damaged causing inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). This inflammation will also damage the whole heart organ and can cause congestive heart failure that can take your life.

2. Nerve damage

Toxins carried by bacteria can also damage the nerves. The main target is the nerves in the throat. If that happens, you will have trouble breathing and swallowing. Not only there, the nerves in the arms and legs can also be inflamed. As a result, your body muscles will weaken.

Therefore, when you experience this disease, immediately go to the doctor. With treatment, some people may be able to survive. Not infrequently also, people who experience this disease died.


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