Director General of Hubla Accepts Bribes through ATM Cards with False Identity

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JAKARTA, – The bribe given by Commissioner of PT Adhiguna Keruktama Adi Putra Kurniawan to the Director General of Sea Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Antonius Tonny Budiono, conducted with an unusual mode.

Delivery of money is done by giving ATM card to Tonny.

This was revealed in the indictment of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) prosecutor who was read in the Corruption Court Jakarta, Wednesday (16/11/2017).

"After becoming a Commissioner, the defendant opened several accounts at Bank Mandiri using fake ID cards under the name Yongkie Goldwing and Joko Prabowo," said KPK prosecutor M Takdir Suhan.

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According to prosecutors, in the period 2015 – 2016, Adi Putra made 21 accounts in Bank Mandiri branch Pekalongan Square with the name of Joko Prabowo.

The goal, so ATM cards can be given to others.

Some people are given ATM cards that is, members of non-governmental organizations, journalists, and thugs in the field projects.

Then, to female colleagues and some officials at the Ministry of Transportation RI.

According to the prosecutor, the bribe with a total value of Rp 2.3 billion was granted in stages by transfer to Tonny.

The money is related to four projects handled by PT Adhiguna Keruktama.Also read: Checked the Case of Director General of Hubla, Minister of Transportation Acknowledges Thanks to KPK

First, the dredging project of Central Kalimantan's Pulang Pisau dredging project in 2016 and the dredging work of Samarinda Port in East Kalimantan in 2016.

In addition, the money is given because Antonius has approved the issuance of work permission dredge (SIKK) for PT Indominco Mandiri, PT Indonesia Power Generation Services Unit (UJP) PLTU Banten.

Then, the Office of Manpower and Port Authority (KSOP) Class I Tanjung Emas Semarang, whose dredging is done by PT Adhiguna Keruktama.

According to prosecutors, every PT Adhiguna gets a job project, Adi Putra commissioned the Head of Finance Division of PT Adhiguna Sugiyanto, to make deposits to Bank Mandiri account on behalf of Yongkie Goldwing and Joko Prabowo.

From the beginning, Adi Putra gave her a second ATM card to Antonius. Thus, each time the money is made through bank transfer to both of these account addresses.

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