Dirty Class, Uncomfortable Learning

Dirty Class, Uncomfortable LearningCleanliness is free from dirt, everything that should be kept clean. There is a term that we often hear that cleanliness is part of faith. Therefore we must maintain cleanliness wherever we are. Cleanliness is very important for our health, because in a healthy body there is a strong soul. Likewise with the environment that is in our classroom, a class that every day we live to learn.

Teaching and learning activities can be influenced by the environment. If the environment is clean, it can increase the concentration of the brain work so that the concentration of thinking wider. Vice versa, if the environment is dirty then it can decrease the concentration of the brain work so the concentration of thinking will decrease, because the concentration of the brain can not be separated from the environment.

A clean environment is one of the factors of interest in learning for a student to develop all the potential that is in him. Thus the state of a clean environment with the ease of students in thinking, creative and able to actively due to a clean learning environment and great support for the emergence of order and comfort during the learning process takes place, while different from the dirty learning environment, would cause laziness and boring while learning, a student will not appear the spirit of learning that exist in itself that can affect the interest of learning. An effective learning environment is a productive learning environment, because with a productive learning environment they can achieve the learning process in accordance with what they want.

We certainly do not want to see us dirty, rundown, and full of garbage that makes learning uncomfortable. Therefore for the sake of creating a clean, healthy, and beautiful class we should make efforts that are resolving the problem, that is by cleaning it every day, throwing garbage in place and have consciousness of their own conscience to keep the class.

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