Diversity in Indonesia Makes Me Proud

Diversity in Indonesia Makes Me ProudYesterday I read an article in the news that is quite famous among teenagers, the article was more or less discussed about the mosque istiqlal which provides parking space as comfortable as his church cathedral to church congregation on Christmas, and the news really make me proud of Indonesia

This is what I hope for Indonesia, which remains one amid the difference, who understands tolerance, which does not distinguish between different beliefs, always ready to complement each other despite different beliefs, that is Indonesia's definition in my opinion, is not "Bhineka single ika" is the slogan that can describe our Indonesia, "different but still one" Indonesia is one but inside there are many differences

This distinction is what I think can be so powerful and can be so destructive !, the difference is common, the differences are beautiful, yes I know, but are distracted because of differences created a dispute, a dispute that threatens to split my India, and sometimes that difference really unites and creates harmony

My Indonesia is beautiful there are many languages, customs, islands and religions. Indonesia that stretches from Sabang to Merauke is filled with various differences, different islands, different customs, different beliefs, but I am sure that the differences can unite, my indonesian one and will remain one.

It is difficult very difficult even to unite millions of people who different head, different gender. Different beliefs, different customs, it is a difficult thing, but again and again Indonesiaku one, the difference is not everything, because again and again we are one and no different.

Once again I am really proud to be a part of Indonesia and I hope Indonesia remains a united whole, still a beautiful Indonesia, remain Indonesia standing proudly in the middle of the difference and remain an Indonesia that can always be proud of.

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