DIY Indoor Ornamental Plants in Water; Easy and Healthy.

DIY Indoor Ornamental Plants in Water; Easy and Healthy.

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A neat room with fresh and cool atmosphere certainly gives comfort to its inhabitants. A good mood can make you feel at home in your own room. The following ornamental plants are able to clean the indoor air, grow well in water and durable without the need for soil media. No more need to be dirty with soil, fertilizer, shovels and water it every day. Can be placed in the room, living room, bathroom and of course at the office desk.

1. Betel Ivory

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Betel ivory plants or also known as money plant is a leaf ornamental plant that can survive in the water in a long time. In addition to the beautiful leaf style, betel ivory able to absorb pollutants in the room.

Tools and materials needed:

1. An ivory betel plant

2. Scissors

3. Water

4. Bottle or glass jar

How to make:

Cut the ivory betel nut approximately 30 cm. Put in a bottle that has been filled with clean water. Place next to a window or work table. Change the water once a week. It's easy, right?2. Philodendron

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This one plant is very suitable placed in the bedroom. Philodendron monstera has a unique fresh green leaf. Materials and how to make it very easy, the same as the step on betel ivory.

3. Spider Plant

Spider plant with dangling leaves via

Spider Plant has long leaves dangling down like a spider's foot. Variegata leaves make it popular as an indoor plant. Spider Plant can add fresh impression to your room.

4. Coleus

Coleus via

Well! how about this one? Coleus plant is the most classical ornamental plant leaves, can even be found growing wild in the yard of the house. Just cut the stem and put it in a glass of water.

Tadaaa! Your room is instantly cool.

5. HerbsHerbal Plants via

Not only flower plants, herbs can also be another alternative as indoor ornamental plants. Some of the many herbaceous plants found around us are basil or lemon basil, sage and peppermint. Its distinctive aroma is able to give a calming effect to anyone who inhale it.

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