DL Sitorus Entrepreneur who has no debt and unfortunately Mamaknya time

DL Sitorus Entrepreneur

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MEDAN, KOMPAS.com – DR Sutan Raja Derianus Lunggung Sitorus alias DL Sitorus, the owner of oil palm plantations covering 47,000 hectares died in the plane on a journey alone from Jakarta to Medan.

In North Sumatra, who does not know the deceased, especially the environmental activists. News of his death spread quickly and became viral.

No exception Sutrisno Pangaribuan, a member of the PDI faction Struggle DPRD North Sumatra. He has his own memories with the father of five children.

Sutrisno had met at least three times. During the meeting, he questioned the deceased about his controversy. From the answer of the deceased, he was amazed at two things. First, the late hard worker. Second, he loved his mother very much.

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"It's a pity he's just as mamaknya, obedient times.What he described then gave the impression that we should love the mother who gave birth to us and pray for us all the time," he recalled, Thursday (08/03/2017).

In addition, the deceased entrepreneur who has no debt in the bank. He employs tens of thousands of people and many people depend on him.

Call it some institutions and companies that he founded. Starting from Yayasan Pendidikan Indonesia Membangun (Yapim) in Medan, Yadika Hospital in Karang Tengah, Jakarta, BPR, showroom, hotel, property, and rented house for indigenous purposes.

"Anyway, DL Sitorus is a businessman who has no debt in the bank, and unfortunately the same mamaknya …" he concluded.

Sihar Sitorus, the second son of the deceased gave a short message that spread and received Kompas.com. In his message, he informed that his beloved father had passed away to the Father's House in Heaven on August 3, 2017 at 14:15 pm in Jakarta.

He begged all his father's mistakes during his life to be forgiven. Before buried in North Sumatra, the corpse was buried in a funeral home on Jalan Kebon Raya No. 2 Duri Kepa, West Jakarta.Environmental Case

The Civil Service Investigator (PPNS) of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has named DL Sitorus as a suspect in environmental and forestry criminal cases with the threat of 15 years imprisonment and a fine of Rp 100 billion.

Before exhaling, the deceased was a city prisoner in the jurisdiction of DKI Jakarta.

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The deceased was found guilty under Decision of Supreme Court Supreme Court Number 2642 K / Pid / 2006 dated February 12, 2007, Review of No 39 PK / Pid / 2007 dated June 16, 2008, with a sentence of eight years imprisonment and a fine of Rp 5 billion.

23,000 hectares of oil palm planted by KPKS Bukit Harapan and PT Torganda, and 24,000 hectares of oil palm plantations owned by Parsub and PT Torus Ganda Cooperatives in Padang Lawas forest area or Register 40 Forest are seized for the state.

The control of state assets in the form of oil palm plantation that is almost the same as that of Jakarta, has been declared illegally for more than 10 years.

KLHK has made a warning for the transfer of assets, but the deceased did not heed or even resist.

Previous news, DL Sitorus died while about to fly with Garuda Indonesia GA 188 aircraft destinations Jakarta-Medan on Thursday (3/8/2017) afternoon. While on the plane, the deceased suddenly short of breath and then declared dead by doctors at the airport.

The evacuation process had made the plane delayed its departure almost two hours. After the death, the deceased's corpse was escorted by KKP officers to the hospital in Karang Tengah to be handed over to his family and buried.

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