Do 8 Little Goodness It Can Make You Have The Nicknames The Savior of The Earth

Do 8 Little Goodness It Can Make You Have The Nicknames The Savior of The Earth1. Reduce the Use of Tissue

This one thing is rarely absent from the bag especially girls who make up make-up. Not just girls, sometimes even guys who do not bring any tissue until begging to his girlfriend, right? Come on, confess! The price is not too expensive anyway, but that does not mean we can freely use tissue yes, guys. Can you guys great impact from excessive use of tissue for the environment? Yup, 100% made from wood or tree need attention in its use. Because, the increased use of tissue will also increase the intensity of tree felling and it takes years to wait for the tree to be ready to be harvested and processed. Hmm .. Instead, you can use a clear handkerchief much more environmentally friendly, but it can also be used repeatedly and most importantly more money savers right guys because do not need to buy every day? With you getting used to handkerchiefs, you are the savior of the earth!

2. Bring Tumbler and Dinner Box on the Bag

Do not be inferior guys first to bring stock to the campus or to the office. Because, this habit has a great effect for the environment and ourselves as well, loh. With a tumbler and a dinner box, the quality of the food we eat is much more assured and certainly can save you some money. Not directly we have acted in reducing the use of food or beverage packaging such as plastic bottles. For you who always ready these two items in your bag, the real savior of the earth really is the point!

3. 3. Unplug Unused Gadgets

This little habit can not be underestimated. The reason is trivial, because it forgot. In order not to forget often, you must understand this. Save electricity is not only cost-effective but also energy-efficient. The wasteful use of electricity will lead to a reduction in electricity supply so that frequent rotating blackouts occur. Well, make the house often subject to rotating blackouts, let's remember to unplug the unused electrical plugs!

4. Bring each Reusable Bag Want to Shop

Hi girls! Do any of you refuse when asked to shop? It must be a rare right? And do you always refuse when the cashier offers a plastic bag for your shopping cart? Reduction of the use of disposable plastic bags is one of the government program that aims to overcome the problem of plastic waste that its use is not kekontrol. It is fitting we contribute to support this government program because its impact is also for the wider community. Rather than difficult to recycle plastic waste, mending replace deh use reusable bag!

5. 5. Sort Your Garbage Before It Is Dumped

Well this is ya, a crucial problem. From sitting dibangku kindergarten we must be familiar with the tagline Do not Dispose Trash Sembarangan but unfortunately there is still aja hobby throw garbage carelessly. Whereas with a simple act of disposing of garbage in this place really great benefits. Imagine if urban areas free of waste, but more beautiful and comfortable, it can also attract foreign tourists to visit, but it can prevent losses due to the occurrence of flooding. By taking out the garbage in its place, you have contributed to a better city's future. Oh, yes do not forget to always sort your garbage by type before throwing it out yes!

6. Planting Plants in Home yardsPlanting plants in the yard is the most powerful way if you want your house still beautiful, cool and beautiful scenery. It also proves that you have contributed to the environment. Trees act as CO2 absorber, high levels of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere are also a crucial issue other than waste. If the home yard is not too large can be planted with plants in pots or using hydroponics techniques designed to address limited land solutions. Can use paralon or used bottle attached to the wall. Many benefits can be felt from planting crops at home. One of them, eg planting chili, the planting process is relatively easy, using planting media in the form of a combination of soil, compost or roasted husk. Can be grown using plastic pot containers or polybags. Until the age is ready to pick up takes about 3-6 months. Not bad guys make a solution to the price of chili peppers if soaring again?

7. 7. Do not Throw the Former Wudu Water

This one way can be applied to reduce water usage. Quoted from the National Geographic Indonesia page (22/03), says that 99% more water in the world is salt or frozen water that can not be used for drinking, bathing, or watering plants. The World Economic Forum puts the issue of water crisis at number one position as a global challenge to be faced in the coming decade. Well, one easy solution to reduce water usage by not dumping water used to make wudoo. The trick is very easy, just put a container like a bucket under the tap at home and socialize it to your family members to help reduce water usage. After the bucket is full, the water can be converted to water the plants. Not bad guys to save water, rather than to be thrown so aja?

8. 8. Turn off the light during the day and before bed

This one habit also still likes to be forgotten by some people. Moreover, while being busy-busy, to forget to turn off the light switch that lights up in the room. But, this habit of forgetting can be removed anyway, as long as we understand the problem first. The more people are aware of the impact of wasting electricity consumption and starting a power-saving habits, it is just as proven to save the earth from dying. During the day, we can use sunlight for lighting. Try not to turn on the lights if it is not important. If it turns out your house is dark enough, can be overcome by installing a model of translucent roof of the sun, so do not need to wear lights daytime deh. In addition, also turn off the lights if you want to sleep. Sleeping in dark conditions can trigger the brain to release a melatonin substance that serves to stimulate rapid sleep. Not bad guys to prevent panda eyes due to lack of sleep? For those who love insomnia, can try ya way!

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