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This time I discuss about Hobby KOI fishing, without being aware because of Hobby then we will find out and learn various types of fish KOI, body shape, color and of course price, the price is determined by many factors, can size, color combination, brightness of color and health of KOI fish, especially if you do not carefully choose KOI fish that have been exposed to KHV invasion (Koi Herper Virus) then expensive investment will fly in a matter of days only.

In enslaved by KOI fish

For the reason Hobby keeps KOI fish will take a lot of time, if it is so, caring for KOI fish becomes an obligation that engga can be considered trivial job, because it needs extra attention, extra money, and of course must be the best, worried fish KOI expensive sick, even dead.

Fish live in the water, so that must be considered is the water must be healthy, usually takes a short time, it can be a matter of months to prepare the ecosystem of the pond to be ready for a place to live fish KOI, it takes time to prepare bio filter can become a preferred habitat of life by decomposing bacteria to work maximally, can work to filter fish excrement and decomposed into nutrients needed for life in the water, all will be paid when the fish KOI look agile, healthy and the color contrast brilliant, and can be enjoyed because the water is clear.airnya kinclong.

Unfortunately the time spent investing sometimes does not produce maximum results, water quality often drop, the smell of fishy smell strong, indicates unhealthy water, turbid water, looks cloudy because the suspense of organic material is not decomposed in bio filter, finally make KOI fish does not display the performance the best, usually replace the water is the usual solution, in the waste half of the pond, then the new water content, done periodically, when the step that makes the fish into Stress, and need to adapt again with new water, without realizing we are enslaved by Hobby.

Solutions Innovation

Fifteen years ago I conducted a trial of milkfish fish, tiger shrimp, and freshwater fish, from gouramy fish, carp, tilapia, catfish, I observed that many fish farmers are misguided, if the fish is sick, the shrimp is sick hence the giving anti biotic is the solution, the water is directly replaced, the reason the water supply is still supplied with the abundance of nature, they forget that the density of the population makes the water has been contaminated many household wastes, not to mention the factory waste, when it happens, then the pond water in the exhaust, water that has been polluted, the condition often happens and cause many crop failures, if the harvest is also the quality of its fish quality is low quality, the meat tastes bland, the smell of mud and the meat is soft, so the selling price is cheap.

I apply closed pond method without water change, just add water to add only evaporated water, the result is amazing, I will tell the next article, for now I discuss about KOI fish.

KOI fish need water that is always healthy, KOI fish also eat it a lot, so the waste also must be many, so bio filter should be made healthy, bio filter which become habitat comfortable place for bacteria decomposers to breed, then I make a special biotetes for fish KOI , where the content of the bacteria pengurainya is bacterial generals, so can work then he will command the warrior bacteria work quickly (he he he naval bacteria), so that the fish waste in the process by the bacteria decomposers, then filtered in the system bio filter, so that the pool water become clear and healthy.

Increases the color brightness of KOI fishMany products of KOI fish pellets are in production, to increase the color pigment, usually fish feed contains high protein and high vitamin A, so the color of KOI fish to be bright, Biotetes I add enzyme protease that break down protein in digestion of KOI fish, so the benefit of protein fully absorbed by KOI fish, and make the color of KOI fish brighter.

Bio Dynamic Cycle

Bio Cycle Dynamic or food chain in water will occur constantly, fish feces in feeding bacteria in bio filter, the decomposition result is absorbed by zooplankton and phytoplankton, so the water is very healthy, make the pond water become a pleasant habitat for fish KOI, if fish is healthy then the bile organ will produce bilirubin which is responsible for the color brightness of the KOI fish, making the color of the KOI fish brighter naturally.

Ordinary KOI fish with biotetes become special KOI fish (minimum 3 months application).

Pond out door with biotetes application make clear water and fish color become bright, initially suspense of organic material make pool water always cloudy, after application of biotetes, pool water healthy and engga need to be replaced. (location of Kultum Tajur Bogor th 2010 2011).

The color of KOI fish looks bright and the water is clear, (Kultum Tajur Bogor location in 2010 2011)

Healthy water definitely will not smell fishy

Usually KOI fish pond water is always replaced periodically due to the smell of fishy, ??with the application of biotetes then the water can improve itself to make the water healthy and no fishy smell, clear water no suspense of organic material that flies in the water, due to the work of bacteria that bind fish waste granules by the weight of its kind is converted to heavier than water, the organic material will settle and not flutter in the water.

Application is very simple drip drops 1 drop every m3 of water, every day or 5 drops / m3 every week, excessive doses are no problem, just wasteful only.

With biotetes innovation, keeping KOI fish that was a hassle to be fun, then your Hobby does not waste your time, Hobby that does not enslave you.

innovation makes that impossible becomes possibleGreetings innovation

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